Realme To Launch Smart Band In India

    Reaalme Band

    Realme is entering the smart wearables industry in India. The company is set to enter with a smart band, the Realme Band.

    Speaking of the specs, the band will have a color display. On top of that, there will be a realtime heart tracker. The Realme Band will be available in black, dark green and yellow. The most interesting feature of the smart band is how it charges. The band will support “Direct Charge”. Basically, the band will detach from one end. This end can be connected directly to a USB-port. This charging feature will prove to be very handy for some users out there.

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    Apart from that, the Realme Band has an IP68 rating and sleep-quality tracker. The presence of NFC is not mentioned on the website, so it is likely not present. The same goes for the price, which hasn’t been hinted yet. However judging by how Realme makes affordable products, this shouldn’t cost more than 3,000 INR in India.

    This new smart band is said to be revealed on March 5, 2020, at 12.30 IST. This is the same day 6 and 6 Pro smartphones are launching.

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