Ubisoft Announces Free Upgrade for Rainbow Six Siege to Next-gen Consoles, Available 1st December


Ubisoft’s long-supported multiplayer PvP first-person shooter, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, was already announced to be supported on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/Series X and was available to play on them as a game from the previous generation of consoles. Starting 1st December, Rainbow Six Siege players who have the game already on the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One consoles, can also get the game improved for these consoles for free on their new consoles with many next-generation enhancements, while new players on console can still buy the game from the console marketplaces.

Rainbow Six Siege: Enhanced Console Experiences

Siege was available on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 at launch in 2015, and on the consoles, it was good for a full HD experience at 60 frames per second, achieved via Dynamic Resolution since 2018. On the more powerful PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, Siege was capable of an output of a higher quality while still being a consistent 60fps. As the new consoles are more capable, there is an improvement to be seen in these numbers by all.

Team Rainbow operators

Players will be given the opportunity to choose between “performance” and “resolution”, which lets them select if they either want 4K graphics (PS5/Xbox Series X) or 120 frames per second, at a lower resolution. Xbox Series S will still output a 1080p resolution.

Rainbow Six Siege operator Kali on a rooftop with her sniper rifle

Utilising the new consoles’ emphasis on smoother experience launching games, Ubisoft also announced that Siege will have “Activities” support on the PS5 for the most popular game playlists so that players can jump into the game from their console’s main interface much faster. Additionally, DualSense controller users will also get more immersive responses from their input devices.

Rainbow Six Siege: Range-Wide Improvements

Aside from the improvements that are specific to the newer consoles, Ubisoft has also worked on general improvements to the game experience in the recent past and has also announced those. Ubisoft Connect is their new, platform-independent overlay that can be used while in Siege to connect with players, contact friends in-game and to respond to notifications related to the game. Readability and accessibility are also being improved, with text-to-speech for chat messages for users with accessibility concerns, as well as speech-to-text for those who need it. Quick Start promises that game launches will be streamlined and log-ins won’t take as much time any longer.

Rainbow Six Siege on the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S

About Rainbow Six Siege

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is a multiplayer first-person shooter from Ubisoft Montreal that was released on 1st December 2015 on Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Since release, it has received regular updates and improvements, as well as new content for downloading for free, such as maps and operators. There have been 18 total seasons that have gone live as of November 2020, and after the announcement that Siege will be also available on ninth-generation consoles, it may be expected to get supported for even longer. The game is also an Esport recognised by ESL and has its own eSports Pro League.

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