PUBG on Xbox One X Is Being Downgraded (Temporarily)

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Its always a disappointing feeling when a game isn’t running up to its full potential, almost as if you can see beyond the pixels that make up the graphics and look deeper into the system and see it croaking and groaning as it strains to process information. Unfortunately, such a situation seems to have struck one of the more popular games of the year, Player Unknown’s BattleGrounds (PUBG) on the version of the game for the Xbox One X. 

The game has appeared to be suffering from several frame rate issues, and other issues that were elucidated upon by a community post that was posted by PUBG Corp themselves, highlighting several issues such as graphical deficiencies that were put into place as a result of the low frame rate. The site even has pictures that compare the two to show a contrast between how the game looked before and after the overhaul. 

While not all Xbox One X players were affected by the frame rate issues, the graphical downgrade will affect everyone, regardless of how the frame rate is for each system. This, as the web post explained, would allow for the team to isolate an issue and fix it quicker rather than spending more time catering to individual systems . Another solution was mentioned by the team, however, the details were not expounded upon in that particular post. The most that was given was the fact that players might soon have the choice to go for a ‘quality’ or ‘performance’ mode similar to what other games have. 

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Although it is indeed disheartening to see a downgrade take place, one can take heart knowing that such a setback can only lead to a more positive and vibrant gaming experience in the future. Problems like this are something that has to be looked at not with an evil eye, but with the view that it could pave the way for a better experience for gamers all around the world. 

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