PS5’s Cosmic Horror Game: Quantum Error Targeting 4K, with Full Raytracing

    Quantum Error

    There is not a lot that we know about the PS5 intended lineup games(as of now). However, some developers have come forward to reveal the games that they are working on, for the upcoming console. One such developer is a US-based studio TeamKill Media, who also recently revealed Quantum error, a cosmic error first-person shooter that is coming to both the PS4 and PS5.

    Being one of the first games confirmed to be launching on the PlayStation 5, questions about how will it look and whether it will take additional advantages of the console’s more powerful hardware are, of course, relevant. While we don’t really have any proper details yet, the developers have made some interesting promises.

    On the social media platform, Twitter, in response to questions from players, TeamKill Media confirmed that Quantum Error is targeting 4K/60 FPS. Furthermore, they also intend to support full raytracing. Though the quality of the latter will depend on how things run.

    Quantum Error

    There is no word as of now on whether 4K/60 FPS will also be supported on the PlayStation 4 Pro, but one would assume that there will be at least some enhancements.

    Quantum Error is as of now in development for both Sony consoles but does not have yet revealed a release date.

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