PC Building Simulator Is Available To Download For Free On PC Via The Epic Games Store

PC Building Simulator is currently available for free on the Epic Games Store. For people who don’t know about this game, this is a 2018 game developed and published by The Irregular Corporation, where gamers can build computers in a workshop using simulated versions of real-world components that have been officially licensed from companies like AMD and NVIDIA and their partners. 

Epic Games Store has been giving free games for quite some time now, the current free game PC Building Simulator is said to be available for free between October 7, 2021, and October 14, 2021.

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More about the game now, the game has various modes for players to dig into. Enterprising PC builders can either embark on the game’s career mode or dedicate their time perfecting their computerized craft in the free build mode. In the career mode, players have to negotiate a whole host of broken sets of hardware. This can include everything from virus removal to wholesale repair of high-end machines, giving gamers an inkling of the intensive labour that goes into repairing their equipment.

Also, this is one of the very few Epic Game Store games which has got the support for achievements. As the feature is still very new, a lot of games haven’t added this feature, but it seems like PC Building Simulator will be one of the first games to have it.

As for how you can claim this game for completely free on the Epic Games Store, you’d just need to create an Epic Games account where all your games would be store. The process is very simple, and if you have used any digital games store in the past, then you might know the steps.

Once, the account is created, click on the link mentioned below, and add the game to your library, once the game is added, you can simply download the Epic Games Store app if you haven’t already and start the download and play this game.

PC Building Simulator on Epic Games Store

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