NVIDIA Releases 3 Demos to Showcase Ray Tracing on GeForce GTX and RTX Cards

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    Apart from the driver that enables ray tracing ray tracing on GTX cards, NVIDIA also released a trio of showcase demos that incorporate the latest real-time ray traced techniques that can be run on both the Turing based RTX cards as well as the older 10-series lineup (plus GTX 16). These demos will be available on NVIDIA’s website for free as soon as the above-mentioned driver is released.

    Ray Tracing on GeForce GTX

    There will be three demos available for download, one developed by NVIDIA in collaboration with Epic games and ILMxLAB, while the other two leverage upcoming game engines that’ll already support or will support the technology at launch:

    Atomic Heart RTX tech demoAtomic Heart tech demo is a beautifully detailed tech demo from Mundfish that features raytraced reflections and shadows, as well as NVIDIA DLSS technology.

    Justice tech demoJustice tech demo hails from China, and features raytraced reflections, shadows, and NVIDIA DLSS technology.  It is the first time that real-time ray tracing has been used for caustics.

    Reflections tech demo – The Reflections tech demo was created by Epic Games in collaboration with ILMxLAB and NVIDIA. Reflections offers a sneak peek at gaming’s cinematic future with a stunning, witty demo that showcases ray-traced reflections, ray-traced area light shadows, ray-traced ambient occlusion for characters and NVIDIA DLSS technology.

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    All of the new technology showcase demos can be downloaded at:https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/20-series/rtx/

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