NVIDIA GeForce RTX Super Graphics Cards Delayed to 2nd July


    So it seems like NVIDIA has delayed the launch of its RTX Super graphics cards to ending July, with a tentative announcement on 2nd of next month. This update comes from WCCFTech, according to whom these launch dates have been fixed under the NDA sent to journalists so the chances of further delay are very slim.

    That means Jensen will be back in his black leather jacket on 2nd July and show off a bunch of the RTX Super Cards at a fancy event with the initial benchmarks, and the GPUs will hit the market by 9th of July. That’s just two days after AMD’s Radeon RX 5700 lineup launches. The schedule is as follows:

    • GeForce RTX Super announcement on 2nd July
    • NVIDIA RTX 2060 Super and RTX 2070 Super hit retail on 9th July
    • The 3,072 Core RTX 2080 Super to start selling on 23rd July

    The outlet claims that the hard-launch dates may be moved around a bit to gauge AMD’s response to the announcement or discredit leaks, but the 2070 and 2060 Super will launch before 10th July. Furthermore, it’s possible that board partners will start dropping prices of the vanilla RTX cards, so keep an eye out for discounts. Cheers!


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