NVIDIA CEO, Jensen Huang No. 1 AMD Exec, Lisa Su at No. 26 in HBR Top 100 CEO Ranking

    Jensen Huang announcing the NVIDIA RTX (Turing) cards with ray tracing support
    Jensen Huang announcing the NVIDIA RTX (Turing) cards with ray tracing support

    The Harvard Business Review listed both Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang and AMD Chief Lisa Su on its 2019 list of the Top 100 CEOs.

    Both AMD and Nvidia have had a remarkable couple years. While Nvidia’s pricing strategy Pascal onwards has proven problematic, they’ve led the charge in terms of performance and new features. The ray-tracing enabled GeForce RTX 2080 Ti remains the only consumer graphics card that can readily dish up 4K/60 FPS experiences.

    Their respective CEOs, Jensen Huang and Lisa Su (who are distantly related, by the way), have ample reason to feel satisfied with the work they’ve done. Jensen’s done a commendable job of bolstering Nvidia’s bottom line (at the expense of leaving price-conscious buyers a rather unpleasant shade of green). Meanwhile, Lisa Su’s almost singlehandedly taken a floundering, dead-on-the-ground AMD and turned it into a viable competitor to both Intel and Nvidia.

    This shows in the recent Harvard Business Review CEO rankings. Jensen Huang was named the world’s number one CEO, while Lisa Su took the 26th spot. HBR recognized Jensen’s key role in increasing NVidia share values by a factor of 14 between 2015 and 2018. Meanwhile, Lisa was recognized for the remarkable turnaround she effected at AMD. She is also one of only 4 women on the list.

    With AMD’s EPYC processors all set to capture HPC market share from Intel, and substantially bolster AMD’s bottom line, it’ll be interesting to see where Lisa Su’s ranking is next year. 14-fold growth might not be feasible but up is really the only direction AMD can go from where it’s been in the past.

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