NVIDIA’s 7nm Ampere GPUs Might be Unveiled at GTC 2019


    NVIDIA is still not done with its Turing lineup, with the mainstream GTX 16 series cards seeing periodic releases. Now, we’re hearing reports claiming that NVIDIA might tease their next-gen Ampere architecture at GTC 2019. Unlike Turing which leverages the 14nm node, Ampere will be based on the 7nm manufacturing process just like AMD’s Radeon VII.

    NVIDIA is set to host its yearly GPU Technology Conference (GTC) in California next week, and as per Tweaktown’s Anthony Garrefa, this is where the company CEO, Jensen Huang will show what NVIDIA has in store for the coming years. Team green has already been pummeling AMD in the GPU market, first in the high-end segment and now with the release of the GTX 16 series cards, in the budget space as well.

    NVIDIA Next-gen Ampere

    This spells more bad news for AMD as the company is already scrambling to push the 7nm Navi graphics cards into the market, while the Radeon VII has met the same fate as the original Vega cards. There are no standalone units available, and the ones being sold over at Newegg and Amazon are overpriced, and definitely not worth it.

    TweakTown claims that even Navi won’t be anything special, and will be “just as bad as Vega”. The outlet claims that the main advantage of the new architecture will be the power and thermal efficiency, thanks to the 7nm node.

    AMD Navi

    As we’ve already mentioned earlier, the Radeon VII was a PR stunt to keep AMD alive in the high-end GPU market. Now, it seems like NVIDIA is planning a strike two with a reveal of their own 7nm GPUs. Although, Ampere cards are still quite far from release, if team green does acknowledge their existence, it will affect both the company stocks as well as AMD’s future strategy for the RTG group.

    Intel is also going to release their discrete GPUs in 2020. It’ll be interesting to see where they fit in, and how the present players, AMD and NVIDIA respond to this encroachment in their backyard. Regardless, both the CPU and GPU markets are headed for some exciting times with many unprecedented events about to unfold.

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