Next-Gen Xbox Anaconda Specs Leak, Pointing to 8C/16T AMD Zen2 CPU and Navi GPU

    Microsoft Xbox One X
    Microsoft Xbox One X

    We’ve seen multiple leaks in the past indicating that AMD’s hardware will once again power the next-generation of gaming consoles, with most of them focusing on Microsoft’s Scarlett project. We already know that Scarlett consists of multiple consoles, one for streaming (Maverick), one for folks who are satisfied with gaming at 1080p (Lockhart) and lastly, Anaconda which is expected to pack a serious punch. All these consoles will reportedly feature custom AMD Zen2 CPUs and Navi GPUs, both based on the 7nm node.

    This new leak (via a devkit on Reddit) aligns with the previous ones, however only the Anaconda variant has been mentioned. As per this info, the Xbox Anaconda will feature a custom octa-core AMD Zen2 CPU with SMT (Simultaneous multithreading) clocked at 3.2GHz and a Navi GPU running at approximately 1500MHz.

    Xbox Anaconda

    The shader count for the custom Navi part hasn’t been mention, but I’d expect somewhere between 40-45CUs which translates into approximately 3000 streaming processors. Thanks to the newer, more efficient 7nm mode and other architectural improvements over Polaris, this should put the Xbox Anaconda’s graphics processing capabilities roughly on par with the Radeon Vega 64, hot on the heels of NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 2070. Although both Sony and Microsoft are promising 4K gaming with their next-gen consoles, I believe it won’t be as simple as that. Yes, you can expect 30 or 40FPS tops @ 4K with the PC equivalent of ultra graphics setting, but not 60.


    Sony PlayStation 5 Will Use AMD Zen2 CPU and Navi GPU; Ray Tracing and 8K Support Confirmed

    I believe the next-gen consoles will heavily rely on upscaling techniques like checker-box rendering or reduce the visual fidelity and frame rates to keep the promise of 4K gaming. But hey, you never know, I could be wrong and Microsoft might come up with a 4K60FPS capable console for around $500, though I’m pretty sure even if that pans out, there’ll be a catch.

    Xbox Anaconda

    Moving on to the storage and memory, now this part is a bit hard to digest. As per the Reddit devkit, the Xbox Anaconda will feature a total of 48GB GDDR6 RAM and 4TB of SSD NVMe storage. I find those figures more than a bit bizarre, as it’ll be hard to keep the price of the console within acceptable limits with that kind of hardware. SSD prices have come down considerably thanks to 3D TLC NAND, but it’s still far from “cheap”. GDDR6 memory, on the other hand, is fairly expensive, and to pack 48 GB of it in a gaming console just sounds plain absurd.

    The previous leak pegged the memory at 16GB while the storage capacity was expected to be around 1TB (NVMe SSD), and to be fair that was believable. However, there’s a chance that the actual specs might lie somewhere in between the two, as the Xbox One X does, after all, include 12GB of GDDR5 memory and 1TB of HDD storage. We’ll have to wait till E3 for a formal announcement, with a planned release in 2020.

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    1. You’re really underestimating these next Gen consoles especially Xbox Anaconda as it will run every next Gen game at Pc ultra Locked 60fps Native 4k minimum standards across the board, and even 4k 120fps in racing game’s, and linear first person shooters, etc

      The Xbox Anaconda Navi 20 Gpu will beat rtx 2080ti by around 30% when used inside a closed loop console plus it will have advanced ray tracing tech, and that Gpu with an 8 core 16 thread Ryzen 3600 Cpu with a 3.7ghz boost clock inside the Xbox Anaconda is gonna be insanely fast bro, and that Ryzen 3600 is a 7nm part so heat won’t be an issue as the chip only uses about 65 watts at 3.7ghz which is very low power, and then couple that Cpu with about a 225 watt 7nm Navi 20 Gpu, and we’re still under 300 watts of total power usage, and we know based on the vapor chamber cooling of the Xbox One X that 300 watts is no problem for a console these days?

      The ps5 & Lockhart will have 3.2ghz boost clock about 50 watts max Tdp, and a 150 watt Navi 10 Gpu so even those will have only 200 watts max Tdp which is nothing for a console next Gen using 7nm chips?

      As i said these consoles will have about a 1.6ghz base clock low power state for browsing the dashboard, YouTube, nextflix, arcade style games, etc and then when a true next gen game is loaded up the Cpu will boost to 3.2ghz for maximum performance, and inside of a console closed loop system that’s absolute overkill as these systems will have no problem playing games at variable refresh rates between 60fps minimum standard up to 120fps in some game’s as people are really underestimating the insane 7nm performance packed into a game console with an ultra low level Api, and console level optimization plus ultra fast custom gaming SSD drive’s as these next Gen systems are gonna be the real deal people?

      I myself can’t wait as it’s Xbox Anaconda Day 1 for me with Halo Infinite, and Forza 8 both game’s ultra settings Native 4k locked 60fps for Halo Infinite, and or 1440p 120fps, and then Racers like Forza 8 will easily run Native 4k 120fps on the Xbox Anaconda, and most open world games will have 4k 60 as the standard with 1440p 120fps performance modes as we’re talking real ultra high end performance coupled with ultra fast pcie 4.0 custom gaming focused SSD drive’s i mean people really are taking these next Gen consoles in a negative manner trying to compare them to these current welfare generation x1 & ps4 systems which used basic cheap ass off the shelf low power cost effective parts, and these next Gen systems ain’t using half assed cheap parts as the welfare generation is about over with?

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