6 Smart Gadgets That Everyone Should Have


    These days pretty much everything is becoming digital or as marketers advertise it, “smart”. From watches, cameras to screw drivers and drones equipped with cameras and all other kinds of do-dads, there’s all sorts of smart-stuff you can buy. In this post, we’ll list some smart-gadgets that we believe you ought to have:

    Infrared Surveillance camera

    Security should be everyone’s primary concern, and a surveillance camera with night-vision is just the thing for that. If you aren’t keen on installing it outside your apartment or house, then maybe you just want to keep an eye on someone else (of course with their permission). This camera comes in handy for a wide range of purposes, and hey its got infrared vision, so why not? You could even use it to set up a smart home, along with other peripherals, like those listed on this page.

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    WiFi Drone with HD Camera

    In case violating the pri…I mean looking after your loved ones quite literally in your thing, then there’s another little device that might interest you, a WiFi drone equipped with a camera. This particular one is handy if you are new to drones and don’t want to splurge too much money. It has got a battery-time of 20 minutes and backflip ability. The drone can also be operated at night and comes with multiple lights to navigate in the dark.

    You may buy a drone for a measly price from Gearbest here.

    Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

    Wireless technology was one of the defining features of the tech-revolution and earphones were one of the first peripherals to make the transition. Plus earphones are something we all want, or perhaps need. We’ve chosen a pair of sports earphones with noise cancelling and a five hour music time. They also have in-built microphones for seamless communication.

    You may buy the earphones from here.

    Bluetooth Speakers

    If you are the kind of person who likes annoying the crap out of others by blasting music at full volume, we’ve got something for you as well. Now, since you can’t lug your Stereo speakers everywhere you go, these handy bluetooth speakers are perfect:

    You may buy Xiaomi’s bluetooth speakers here.

    Smart Screwdriver

    Regardless of whether you like tinkering, screwdrivers are one of the most useful tools. As mentioned earlier, even the most basic utilities have integrated some sort of circuits that make them quite easier to operate. A smart screwdriver is especially useful.

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    Mechanical Keyboard and Mouse Combo

    Ever wanted a mechanical keyboard, but never quite had the cash for Cooler Master or Corsair’s expensive offerings? Cheer up, because there is something that might satiate your need. This particular keyboard is mechanical and comes along with a mouse. Best of all, in case you are worried and don’t want to splurge for a keyboard from a relatively less-known company, fret not we’ve heard a lot about this particular model and can confirm that it is a sweet deal. It also sports a ton of RGBs programmed to exhibit the “breathing” effect.

    You may buy the keyboard for less than $50 from here.

    Think we missed something? Do let us know in the comments below.

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