Kingdom Come: Deliverance First Impressions – A Promising RPG For the Ages

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RPG’s are a special genre of games that engrave their epic tales within the player’s mind for ages to come. Therefore, they are the games that generate the most excitement among avid gamers. Add in open world elements with a good combat system, and you’ve got a recipe for a surefire hit, which is what makes Kingdom Come: Deliverance such a well received game.

kingdom comeThe story goes that you are a village boy born as a son to a blacksmith. However, when your village is invaded and everything that you know and love is stolen from you, you’re forced to join a resistance against the tyrannical King Sigismund who ordered the raid. As Henry discovers the natural heir to the throne, Wenceslaus, he also becomes tangled in an effort to mount him on the throne. Its about as normal as a fantasy type game like this goes and thus it can feel a tad unoriginal, but in the rapidly expanding video game world we live in today, its virtually impossible to come up with a completely unique idea for a game.

The game uses a classless RPG system which allows the player to earn the skills and items needed to become whatever he wishes, be it a warrior, thief or even a hybrid of the two. The game even features a health system where the player needs to stay healthy, requiring them to monitor eating and sleeping patterns. This ties in to the game’s motif of your actions having consequences and certain choices affecting how the game plays out.

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kingdom comeOne of the most interesting aspects of the game is in how it grounds itself in Bohemian history, rather than take up aspects such as magic and powers, as is typical of RPGs in the paradigm we’re in. The game takes its roots very seriously, even going as far as to be accurate when applied to the one to one combat system, and it will certainly be interesting to see how well it integrates this aspect with the plot of the game.

You can check out the game on Steam here, and stay tuned to the Steam page for future updates to the game. Given that it has just released, there are bound to be some patches and updates to the game in the near future. Kingdom Come: Deliverance won the award for the ‘Best PC Game’ at Gamescom 2017.

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