Intel Tremont Promises 30 Percent IPC Gains, Gen11+ Graphics


    While Intel’s been having a troubled couple years thanks to the stellar success of AMD’s Ryzen and EPYC processors, there’s one area of the market that AMD’s never nearly done well in: the low-end notebook segment. While low-end netbook APUs like Kabini technically exist, volumes were never great. 
    This is where Intel Atom dominates. And today, Team Blue officially revealed their next-gen Atom design, called Tremont. While GPU power and clock speeds have seen slight improvements, Tremont is Intel’s first major design update to Atom since Baytrail back in 2013. Here’s what Intel had to say about Tremont at their unveiling event:


    The Tremont CPU architecture was designed for enhanced processing power in a compact, low power packages. Products based on Tremont will span both client, IOT and Data Center products and combined with broader Intel portfolio of IPs Tremont will power a new generation of Intel products across the compute offering. This presentation will unveil, for the first time publicly, the details of the micro-architecture of Tremont as well as briefly touch on the implementation of Tremont with other Intel compute cores.

    The main emphasis with Tremont has been on IPC, with over a 30 percent improvement. What this means is nothing short of remarkable: single-threaded performance, clock for clock, that’s in the ballpark of Sandy Bridge, at a far lower TDP. What’s more is that with Tremont, Intel will be adopting a Big.LITTLE model, with performance cores and power-efficient “little Tremont” cores. The result will be great peak performance as well as extended battery life. 

    With Intel’s higher-end 10th gen mobile parts hitting 4 GHz and offering up to 12 threads, it’s great to see just how far Atom has come. Tremont processors will deliver far better CPU performance than most mainstream mobile Core models right up to Skylake. On the GPU side of things, Tremont will use the Gen11 iGPU, albeit with fewer EUs. Atom SKUs will likely see GPU performance in the vicinity of UHD 620, which is nothing to sniff at for an entry-level netbook chip. We’ll keep you posted when we hear more about Tremont. 

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