AMD has no Software Eco-System: Raja Koduri at Investor Meeting, 2019

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At this year’s investor meeting, Intel talked a great degree about software, emphasizing how Intel is ahead of the competition in all fields of modern computing. This is a bit unexpected as Intel usually sticks to hardware gains per generation during these kinds of gatherings. Koduri compared Intel to its two primary competitors in the HPC and Data Center segment (though not directly), and had some scathing remarks about his former employer.

Koduri claimed that “AMD has no ecosystem that’s meaningful without Intel”. Although this may sound like a regular marketing stunt from a PR guy but to some extend he’s not wrong. What in particular has grabbed journalists’ and enthusiasts’ attention, in particular, is the following statement from the Intel VP back when he was the RTG boss:

Infinity Fabric allows us to join different engines together on a die much easier than before. As well it enables some really low latency and high-bandwidth interconnects. This is important to tie together our different IPs together efficiently and quickly. It forms the basis of all of our future ASIC designs.

Raja Koduri
raja Koduri


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Now, he seems to have gone full 360 degree and said he following at the recent convention:

[AMD] has no memory or interconnect strategy that I know of, and the size of the developer ecosystem is tiny

Also Raja Koduri

It’s possible that he’s just dissing AMD now that he’s wearing a blue cap but he’s got a point. AMD has a bunch of partners in the gaming industry from Sony, Microsoft, Bethesda, and even Ubisoft, and even the Khronos group behind the low-level API, Vulkan. However, if you look at the video editing and professional space, it is largely dependent on NVIDIA’s CUDA framework. AMD GPUs despite being fairly competitive are pretty much absent from this segment.

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That doesn’t mean that all is well for Intel. As you probably already know, Intel’s iron-grip over the CPU market (both consumer and server) is loosening and the advent of the Zen 2 chips will only hasten that. Furthermore, in the AI sector, Intel barely has a presence and NVIDIA’s Tesla and AMD’s Radeon Instinct parts call the shots in neural network-systems. The same thing can be said for the Data Center market where NVIDIA is the dominant force and AMD is chipping away at Intel’s CPU share thanks to the new Epyc chips and prominent companies have already started placing orders for the 64 core Rome processor.

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AMD has no Software Eco-System: Raja Koduri at Investor Meeting, 2019
AMD has no Software Eco-System: Raja Koduri at Investor Meeting, 2019
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AMD has no Software Eco-System: Raja Koduri at Investor Meeting, 2019

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