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    Google Launches Pixel 4 And 4 XL Starting At 799 USD

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    After quite a snoozefest of a launch event, Google finally took the wraps off their all new Pixel 4 and 4 XL. Sure, we already knew most of what the phone had to offer considering it was leaked to oblivion, but now we have the prices! The Pixel 4 price starts at 799 USD for the base variant and the 4 XL starts out at 899 USD. Let’s look at some of the key features now shall we?

    The colours.

    Radar Motion Sensing

    Google has included an array of actual radar sensors in the top front bezel to help with seamless track transitions, face unlock activation, and call alerts. The inclusion of these sensors allows for the phone to initiate faster face unlocks because the phone can now be aware of when it’s picked up or flipped with greater accuracy. Simple hand gestures allow you to skip songs with ease if you’re busy cooking! We personally find this feature quite nifty.

    90 Hz display!

    90 Hz OLED Display

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    High refresh rate displays are now standard across the Pixel range. Google says they’ve integrated adaptive frequency control which will allow the software to seamlessly switch between 60 and 90 Hz refresh rates on requirement. We’re quite perplexed about the Pixel 4’s battery life with these new displays, considering that the battery capacity is a meagre 2800 mAh.

    Secondary Telephoto Camera

    “We think that people will derive more benefit from a telephoto camera than a wide-angle”, were the exact words put forward by a certain Googler while introducing the Pixel 4’s secondary telephoto snapper. Though we would be inclined to disagree, we’re quite excited to see how Google will build on this hardware with the Super-res zoom software to eek out some amazing shots.

    Secondary telephoto camera.

    Astrophotography Night Mode And HDR+ Control

    The Pixel finally gets an Astrophotography mode that allows the user to take long exposure shots of the night sky with the help of a tripod. Using this new feature to churn out some sleek looking star-trails will be quite enjoyable. Google now offers finer control over shadows and highlights with HDR+ along with a live view of what the processed image will look like even before capturing the scene. We certainly believe the Pixel 4 price is justified in this aspect.

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