Gamescom 2019 – Everything We Expect From Cyberpunk 2077 to Age of Empires

    Gamescom 2019 is just around the corner, and with it will come a bunch of exciting game announcements as well as gameplay reveals. Here's what we know about it.

    Gamescom 2019
    Gamescom 2019

    This year’s E3 was not as packed as it was last year, but it seems like 2019’s Gamescom will make up for it this year. The European games convention, second in size and scope after E3, is due to take place from August 20-24th this year. The Germany based convention will see a lot of exciting reveals from big players in the gaming industry, and we can’t wait for it. It may get hard to keep track of all the announcements coming from Gamescom, so here’s a list of titles you should keep a watch out for during the said period.

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay
    Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay will be revealed at Gamescom

    CD Projekt Red’s most ambitious title, Cyberpunk 2077 will finally see its gameplay unveiled to the public. The game is slated to release on March 2020, and Gamescom seems like the perfect place to drop some actual gameplay featuring Joh Wick himself, Keanu Reeves. We’re not just guessing though. CDPR themselves confirmed that we’ll be getting to see the gameplay that was shown off behind closed doors to the media at E3 this year.

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)
    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)

    This year’s Call of Duty entry is going back to its classic roots, and that has us excited after a long time. The series has, in recent years, seemed to have come to a failing stop. As most fans of the franchise will tell you, aside from this year’s Black Ops 4 which didn’t have a campaign mode, the series hasn’t done that well recently. Here’s hoping that the franchise reboot manages to sweep us off our feet, just like the original Modern Warfare did back when it came out in 2008.

    A New Batman/Superman/Justice League Game?

    batman arkham knight | gamescom 2019
    Batman: Arkham Knight

    We don’t know much about this game, but what we do know is that it won’t be a Superman game. At least, not exclusively. I’m bundling both Rocksteady’s next game as well as the secret game that WB Montreal is hard at work on. Previously there were rumors that Rocksteady might be working on a Justice League game, but the studio hasn’t confirmed anything as of yet. Here’s hoping that we get some concrete information at Gamescom.

    Age of Empires IV?

    Age of Empires has been a long-standing series in the real-time strategy genre, and one of the most successful ones. The 4th part was confirmed to be in development back in 2017, and with Gamescom hosting its own Inside Xbox event, coupled with the tweet above, it’s pretty clear that we’ll be getting the sequel at last. At the very least we’ll get a release date, and that should give fans a sigh of relief.

    Google Stadia Connect

    Google Stadia - Game Streaming
    Google Stadia – Game Streaming

    Shortly before Gamescom starts, Google will hold its own event for its upcoming streaming service, Stadia. This Stadia Connect promises to reveal new information regarding the service, as well as announce more games that will come to the service, including Cyberpunk 2077, Watch Dogs Legion and many more. In fact, you can watch the Stadia Connect conference happening right now over here!

    Microsoft’s Inside Xbox Event – More Exclusives?

    xbox one s all-digital

    Much like Stadia, Microsoft will be holding its own event, known as Inside Xbox. The event will include many announcements from game developers across the world, with a lot of world premieres of new gameplay footage from those games. It is here that we’re expecting the bulk of gameplay footage to be shown, including Cyberpunk 2077, much like last year’s E3.

    Death Stranding

    Death Stranding Might Be revealed at Gamescom
    Death Stranding Might Be revealed at Gamescom

    Ah, a Hideo Kojima game. If there’s anything you need to know about this not-really-a-PS4-exclusive, it’s that it looks very cool and that we don’t know anything else about it. So basically, Cyberpunk 2077 but without any true gameplay reveal. The game will come out on November 8, 2019.

    Watch Dogs: Legion

    Watch Dogs Legion
    Watch_Dogs: Legion

    The first Watch_Dogs left a sour taste in the mouth of many gamers. The sequel improved upon it in almost every way imaginable. And now, the third game in the franchise looks to push the boundaries of modern gaming in a very interesting, if a little too ambitious, way. In Watch_Dogs: Legion, the USP is that you’ll be able to control every NPC in the game’s recreation of London. Yes, every NPC in the open-world. Think about it. Every NPC will have their own unique voice-acting, characteristics, as well as the in-game storyline. Speaking of which, it will change according to which characters you have selected in your arsenal.

    Final Fantasy 7 Remake

    Final Fantasy 7 Remake | Gamescom Reveal
    Final Fantasy 7 Remake

    I have to make a confession. I have never played a Final Fantasy game, except FFXV. Hold your pitchforks! I know they’re good. I know they have their own place in the legacy of Role-playing videogames. And I know that Final Fantasy 7 has a special place in the hearts of the series’ fans. Which is all the more reason I’m excited about this remake! For one, I’ll get to experience one of the gaming’s richest RPGs in true HD fashion. As for another, recent years have shown that these remakes can prove to enhance the experience of playing these games for the first time. Just look at Resident Evil 2, or Shadow of the Colossus. FFVII Remake will release on March 3, 2020.

    The Last of Us: Part II

    The Last of Us Part 2
    The Last of Us Part II

    Finally, the one we, along with every self-respecting gamer in the world, have been waiting for. It’s no secret that when it comes to groundbreaking storytelling, immersive gameplay, and great characters, Naughty Dog is one of the best developers in the business. The studio has been working on this long-awaited sequel for almost 5 years now, and by early gameplay footage, it looks like they have a winner in their hands. But then again, with Naughty Dog, when isn’t it true? The Last of Us: Part II will follow Ellie and Joel’s story, taking place 5 years after the events of the first game. It has been confirmed that the game will feature Ellie as the primary playable protagonist. Currently, the game has no release date attached to it, but it could very well change during Gamescom.

    You can tune into Gamescom Opening Night Livestream right here to check them all out.

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