The Future of X-Men Doesn’t Look Good as Disney-Fox Deal Closes In

    With the Disney-Fox deal soon approaching, it's been rumored that the next films in the X-Men franchise are going to be canceled.

    Dark Phoenix
    • With the Disney-Fox deal soon approaching, it’s been rumored that the next films in the X-Men franchise are going to be canceled.
    • The rumor points that both X-Men: Dark Phoenix and The New Mutants have had too much of a troubled production and they’ll be shelved for the MCU version.

    For the last couple years, we’ve seen Fox lose focus on their mainline X-Men franchise. While films like Logan and Deadpool went on to be successful, the main X-Men films didn’t. And it looks like the next films in development might not see the light of the day!

    The New Mutants
    The New Mutants

    Coming off a rumor doing the rounds, it seems like the next films in the series, X-Men: Dark Phoenix & The New Mutants, are going to be shelved. With the imminent Disney-Fox deal closing in, it’s been reported that Disney execs have been following the development of said films.

    Along with that, the rumor states that both films are a complete mess. The New Mutants, having already been delayed by a year, is undergoing heavy reshoots. Dark Phoenix on the other hand also had its release date pushed back, now slated to come out next year. However, both films have been having an immense amount of production problems. Both films have completed their principal photography but have been subjugated to a lot of behind the scenes drama.

    The Eternals
    The Eternals

    Disney apparently has big plans for the X-Men and the other Fox-owned characters in the MCU. The source revealed that the MCU version of the characters will somehow be introduced in the now-developing Eternals movie. While there were plans to replace mutants with the Inhumans once, after the failure of the Tv show that idea has been scrapped.

    Another interesting info came in the form of X-Force. It was revealed that the now-in-development film will be tied into the Deadpool franchise, effectively making it the 3rd installment. It all makes sense considering how Disney might not want to continue the Deadpool franchise once the deal is done. At this point, Fox is just trying to get as clean as possible and make as much profit from their existing properties before the merger. We do hope that The New Mutants and Dark Phoenix see the light of the day, as both projects seem to be having a lot of potential.

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