Facebook Redesigns Desktop Site with New Dark Mode Option


    Facebook is all ready with its new desktop site and it is now available globally. Previously, the new version was only available in select areas and only if you opted to start it in March.

    Facebook announced in its blog that the new site will be Facebook’s website experience globally. It will also give everyone’s eyes a break with the dark mode.

    Although the dark mode is the star attraction of the new website, that is not the only thing this update offers. The home layout has the new, “skinnier” News Feed. Along with this, there’s a lot of space all around, although it is much easier to go anywhere since all the buttons are available at a very convenient place. It makes jumping to various parts of the app much easier.

    To switch to the new Facebook, just click on the down arrow in the menu bar to access the Settings menu. From there, click on “Switch to new Facebook.” That will take you to the new version of Facebook from where you can click the same down arrow and toggle between light and dark mode.

    The goal for the overhaul was for Facebook to be able to focus on what people use the website most for. Facebook is still the best place for organising large events or to get in contact with a lot of people. It is also a place where a lot of people use the Groups feature. So, the goal was to focus on these aspects. The company thus agreed that the overhaul was a good idea, considering it makes no sense to fill the newsfeed with practically junk from pages and other public posts – considering people themselves are retreating into more private spaces like private groups and messaging.

    Facebook New Site
    Facebook New Site

    CEO Mark Zuckerberg probably also saw the shift when he announced that the entire company will focus on privacy and privacy-focused products and features. This will probably be able to pull back some of the younger generations, considering most of them have now moved on to Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitch and other platforms. Most people who primarily use the News Feed feature at the moment are the older generation or those who are into the site’s dependence on political content.

    Thus, with the new website, Facebook is clearly stating where its priorities lie. They will especially focus on videos for the News Feed, considering video ads still fetch the company a lot of money still. In addition to this, they will also focus on easy access to events and groups. Plus, the redesigned Messenger panel is also a great addition. Although it is quite a big visual change, it is still easier to use once you get the hang of it.

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