EasySMX BD-01 Gaming Mouse Review: Performance at a Bargain

    EasySMX Gaming Mouse
    EasySMX Gaming Mouse

    We have reviewed multiple EasySMX products on this site before, and we have never been disappointed so far with any of them, in fact, they always exceeded our expectations. This time, we are reviewing the ESMBD-01 Gaming mouse from the same brand and (spoiler alert) EasySMX has done it again.

    The EasySMX ESMBD-01 is an 8-button mouse with speeds of up to 8200 DPI. It has a camouflage color for a gaming look and has the provision for 4 removable weights for tuning its weight according to your comfort.

    EasySMX Gaming Mouse


    • Color: Camouflage
    • Connection: USB
    • Sensor Type: Laser
    • DPI: 400DPI/1600/5000/8200DPI
    • IPS: 150
    • Acceleration: 30G
    • Buttons: 8
    • Key Life: 8 Million Clicks
    • Additional Weight: 35g
    • Polling Rate: 125-1000HZ Adjustable
    • Product Dimension: 124.6mm (L)*75.1mm (W)*42.3mm (H) 
    • Net Weight: 140g
    • Cable Length: 1.5m (4.9ft) 


    EasySMX Gaming Mouse
    • 1 x Gaming Mouse
    • 1 x CD Driver
    • 1 x User Manual
    • 1 x Weight Box (3 x 10g weights, and 1 x 5g weight)


    Just like the other EasySMX products, the build quality on this mouse is solid and feels premium. It has an ergonomic design for better grip and comfort and the chassis is entirely made of high-quality plastic. It has an ambidextrous design with a rubberized finish on both sides, which makes it feel secure in either of my hands.

    The Camouflage design has a matte finish and feels smooth to touch. The buttons are clicky and have quite a tactile feedback. The click sound is definitely louder than most of the other mice that I have used, something I personally prefer. The mouse uses a laser sensor for tracking its movement and works on almost every surface flawlessly. There are 5 additional buttons apart from the basic right, left, and middle buttons. These additional buttons include a Home button, an x3 Fire key, forward and back buttons, and a DPI toggle button.

    The bottom of the mouse is home to the weight tray slot, the tray can be popped out using a button on the back of the body. It can accommodate four weights at once. This is a feature that most of the other gaming mice in this price category lack and could matter to many users. The mouse uses a long braided cable with a gold plated USB connector, and both appear to be sturdy and quite reliable.

    The performance of this mouse is top-notch. DPI can be adjusted from the dedicated button below the scroll wheel. You can save up to 4 different DPI settings that can be toggled from that button, with the LED light below the button changing with each setting.

    It also has a dedicated software for its customization. You can save up to 3 different configuration profiles from the software according to your needs. There’s nothing much you can do apart from this through the software.


    Talking about all the things that I found wrong with this mouse, the first issue that comes to my mind is the lack of RGB lighting. Although it doesn’t affect the performance at all, considering it’s a gaming mouse, I’d have loved to see some RGB lighted areas on it. The only light present is below the DPI toggle button, which changes according to the DPI settings being used.

    The chassis of the mouse, although, is quite sturdy, still has a portion on the left side which squeaks whenever a little force is applied to it. Now, this could be limited to only the piece I have, and I’m hoping that is the case.

    Coming to the software, I feel that it’s pretty basic and doesn’t really feel polished. There’s not a lot that can be done through it.

    One thing should be noted though, none of these flaws are absolute deal-breakers and shouldn’t matter to the majority of users.


    At a price of just $23 US, the EasySMX ESMBD-01 gaming mouse provides excellent value for money. The features and the level of customizability that it offers is unparalleled and no other mouse in this price category comes even close.

    No matter if you’re a casual or serious professional gamer, it should meet all your requirements and expectations. I’d totally recommend this to anyone looking for a gaming mouse over every other mouse from much bigger brands available at a similar price.

    You can buy this mouse from :

    EasySMX (available for $23 US), WASDGold (available for $31.99 CAD)

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