Dylect Smart TV Review: Get The Non-Smart One


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    Dylect Smart TV (32IPS20S) is a solid offering, from a brand that’s just stepping into the budget TV market. Going against the likes of Mi TV 4A, Realme Smart TV and OnePlus TV, the Dylect Smart TV delivers much more than the price you pay for it. Even though there are some shortcomings, the TV will leave you impressed.

    At a price lower than all the TVs mentioned above, you get a bundled wall mount (which is absent in the Chinese counterparts). The software experience on the TV is subpar, hence, save the money and go with the non-smart variant of the TV that retails for Rs. 8,999 only. Buy a Smart TV Stick/Chromecast with the money saved — would still cost you less than buying ‘Smart’ variant of the TV. And oh, the product is Made in India if that makes/breaks your decision.

    And if you’re wondering about support/installation and after-sales service, scroll down a bit. I had a word with Dylect regarding all these queries (since this is a relatively new brand).


    • Bright and vivid LG IPS display
    • Powerful 24W Speakers (you’ll have to adjust the settings, sound cracks on default settings)
    • Light Weight
    • Wall Mount included in the box
    • Low Power Consumption


    • No Bluetooth support
    • Terrible Software — Get the Non-Smart One Stick/Chromecast
    • Cracking sound on default settings
    • Slow Boot Time

    Rating: 4 out of 5.

    Dylect Smart TV: Full Review

    Budget TV segment in India is cluttered with a lot of options right now. With Smart TVs from Xiaomi, Realme, Nokia, and OnePlus crowding the Rs. 13,000 – Rs. 15,000 budget TV segment, Dylect, a subsidiary of DealsDray — a B2B platform — plans to take on these companies by the launch of their Smart LED TV.

    The company has set up a manufacturing plant in Alwar, Rajasthan, India and is using the ‘Made in India’ and ‘Vocal for Local‘ angle to go head to head against its competitors. But does it live up to the hype it’s built? Let’s check it out.

    Dylect Smart TV: Display

    Dylect Smart TV running Disney+ Hotstar (Audio muted due to copyright issue)

    Starting off with the display, the Dylect Smart TV has a 32-inch HD Ready (1366 x 768 resolution) DLED display. (I’ll get to the DLED part later) Now, don’t get me wrong here, the display is really excellent. It really is. Colours are bright and vivid, the details are sharp. You simply cannot find a display better than this in sub Rs.10,000 bracket. But there are two issues with it.

    Dylect Smart TV Display Issue
    Left: Air Bubbles and scratches due to Bar Code Sticker
    Right: Permanent scratch due to Power Rating Sticker

    There were two ‘air bubble spots’ on my review unit, that showed up as soon as I took off the power rating sticker and the bar code sticker. These did not seem to go away and made the display more ‘bubbly’ as soon as I tried to get them to the side of the display. Though this wasn’t noticeable when the TV was turned on. So, please, remove the stickers very carefully otherwise they might damage the display permanently.

    It’s really hard to get to the TV settings

    I won’t call the second thing that bugged me, an issue, but rather a thing that might differ from person to person. For me (and my family), the TV was a little too contrasty (and bright) on the default settings. So I had to tone down some things before using it, but after that, I thoroughly enjoyed consuming content on it. Sometimes, and I’m not kidding, I actually forgot this is a sub 720p TV.

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    And yes, if someone’s wondering how to get to the TV settings, please do not read the user manual, instructions written over there are wrong. For changing things like sound, display and source, press the ‘Guide’ button on the remote.

    DLED 👀

    Dylect Smart TV features a DLED display

    Most of the TVs in the budget segment, or rather most of the TVs, are edge-lit. This, simply, means that the TV is lit by an array of LEDs that are in the frame of the TV. This, generally, results in low brightness and muted colours. Dylect has opted for Direct-lit LED technology (DLED), in which there’s an entire row of LED behind the main display unit. Though it makes the TV a little thicker than the counterparts, it results in a picture that’s way better, brighter and vivid. Dylect boasts a contrast ratio of up to 10,000,000:1.

    Dylect Smart TV: Sound

    Dylect Smart TV features 24W speakers

    Dylect Smart TV features a powerful set of two 12W speakers (2*12=24W) with different modes like Standard, User, Movie, Sports, Music. Well, just like the display, during my usage, I didn’t really found the sound that fascinating.

    On the default settings, the sound from speakers cracked even at the 24 level (out of 100). But once you change it to your settings (user settings) and adjust the treble and bass a bit, it becomes just fine. Look, at this price point, you can’t really demand Dolby level audio from the TV. Though the 24W rated speakers are a little misleading, but the set of speakers on this TV are not that great as it ‘sounds’.

    Dylect Smart TV: Hardware

    Netflix Running on Xbox One: Dylect Smart TV

    Before I start criticising Dylect for the poor performance of the TV (software-wise), I just want you to know that the ‘cheap’ hardware on this TV is equally responsible for it. The TV is powered by a dual-core processor, which I’m presuming is an Amlogic processor. It has just half a gigabyte of RAM and 4GB of internal storage.

    On the connectivity front, the Dylect Smart TV features 2 HDMI ports, 2 USB A ports and two sets of regular AV ports. It doesn’t support Bluetooth though. For the remote, there’s an IR receiver in the bottom right corner, to which you have to continuously point at. One good thing though, Dylect includes a wall mount in the box of the TV, which companies like Xiaomi bundle for extra bucks.

    Dylect Smart TV connectivity options

    Another disappointing thing with the hardware is the lack of 5GHz WiFi chip on the TV. Now, you may counter with the fact that this TV doesn’t need to push Full HD resolution so even the 2.4GHz WiFi should work fine. Well, that’s true to some extent, but even the included 2.4GHz WiFi chip performs poorly.

    Dylect Smart TV: Software

    Coming to the software side of things, the Dylect Smart TV runs on a custom version of Android 5.1.1. It lacks support for Google services, which means there’s no Play Store on the TV. Dylect has side-loaded Aptoide on the TV, that opens up the door to 1000s (yet fishy) of apps. The included Aptoide app store doesn’t recognise the TV as a big-screen Android device, so even the Netflix app on the TV is the mobile version of it, which makes the user-experience pretty terrible.

    The UI is slow and laggy, making the software experience on this device pretty poor. Dylect has even included an app called ‘TV Optimisation’, that clears the RAM and cache. Though it is a good thing, but the fact that you have to do it every so often makes it a little frustrating. YouTube, is capped to 720p when using TV’s in-built app, but runs on Full HD 1080p when using an Xbox or a Smart TV Box.

    Due to the lack of powerful (or even decent) hardware, the TV lacks support for Xiaomi’s Quick Wake like feature, so it boots up every-time from scratch when you press the power button. And it takes a good 20-30 seconds for it to boot up, fully.

    Pairing this TV to a smart TV box (like Mi Box) made my experience totally different. With no lag, and hardware limitation hindering the TV’s performance, I enjoyed using the device thoroughly. I connected an Xbox One to this TV, and ran constantly at 1080p 60Hz. Playing games on this TV was pretty enjoyable too, with the punchy colors and ‘deep’ sound.

    Dylect Smart TV: Final Verdict

    Well, at this price point, I don’t think you can find a TV that beats this. A bright and vivid display, paired with a set of decent speakers — the Dylect LED TV offers excellent value for money.

    Software performance, as I’ve mentioned many-a-times, is poor, but instead of pushing their own line of Smart TVs, I hope the brand breaks a deal with Amazon and bundles a Fire Stick at a lower price with this TV. Then, it would just be unbeatable.

    Regarding After-Sales Service, Larger TVs and More…

    In case you need to wall-mount the TV, or have any issue during the installation of it, you can contact Dylect’s toll-free number 1800-258-6618 and request for installation. You can also call the same number (1800-258-6618) in case you need after-sales service. A technician, from Dylect, will come and replace a part (if needed) within a reasonable time.

    Dylect will launch a wide range of consumer electronics and large screen TVs in 2021.

    Dylect Smart TV: Pricing and Availability

    The Dylect Smart TV has been priced at Rs. 15,999, and is available through two channels — Amazon.in and DYLECT.in. Though I couldn’t find the Smart version of the LED TV in stock on Amazon throughout this week.

    The non-smart version — Dylect LED TV (32IPS30H) — has been priced at Rs. 13,999, and is currently available on Amazon India for a price of Rs. 8,999. You simply can’t beat this price.

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