Does Bollywood Need More Representation in the Online Casino Industry?


    The online casino industry is growing in India, with more people logging on to internet gambling sites every year. This is helped by the growing access to the web in the country, and the spike in figures is influencing developers to work on ways to attract players here. The fact that India could have a huge impact on the continued growth of the online casino sector means that players could see a greater amount of Indian content coming in. This would most likely include a number of Bollywood films enjoying representation in slots.

    Slots Pages Would Need to Stand Out to Indian Players

    When looking through slot game pages online, there are always games that are going to stand out to different players. This is why there is such a variety available. For example, on the daily jackpot games page at Royal Panda, there are numerous diverse genres to choose from. Fans of Greek mythology can play Hoard of Posiedon, history lovers could opt for Aztec Spins, while people who appreciate Chinese culture may be tempted to play Mega Dragon.

    When online casinos market themselves to Indian players, there is no reason why they can’t still include titles like these. Players in the country are bound to be intrigued about offerings based on different cultures. However, it would also be good to include a few options that are instantly recognisable to Indian people. This would include blockbuster Bollywood films.

    Why do Films Make Such Good Slots Themes?

    If developers made Bollywood films into slot games, they would simply be carrying on a tradition that has long been followed in the industry. Even in the pre-internet days, there were slot games based on popular movies. It has been a common theme for the gaming industry as a whole to piggyback on the success of blockbusters and use their recognisability to attract players.

    In slots, films make a good option because the games can use the aspects that made the picture a hit. For example, the Incredible Hulk slot has a side feature that sees the big green monster go on a rampage. Other film slots use symbols that represent all the most popular characters.

    Cinema-themed slots have become even more abundant in the online casino era, as the thumbnails can instantly draw the attention of players. Studies have found that people like familiarity, and feel more comfortable playing games that they already have some knowledge of. For this reason, Indian players may feel more of an affinity towards Bollywood-themed slots rather than those based on Hollywood films.

    Which Bollywood Films Could Get The Slots Treatment?

    Major online casino developers will be looking at the long list of Bollywood offerings and working out which ones could be turned into successful slot games. It would be fair to assume that they will go for the biggest blockbusters, as these are most likely to be familiar to a high number of people.

    The biggest Bollywood blockbuster franchise of all time is Baahubali, which consisted of two films in 2015 and 2017. The combined revenue generated from these offerings exceeds $360 million, which is highly impressive. Another option to turn into a slot game could be the Enthiran franchise, which spanned two films in 2010 and 2017. This is the second-highest grossing Indian film series of all time.

    There are already a few slot games out there that involve Bollywood themes, and this number should be set to rise in the next few years. It’s clear that the online casino industry is growing in stature in India, and developers will be looking to target these players.

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