All You Need to Know About Call Of Duty Mobile Season 7 Update

    call of duty mobile
    call of duty mobile

    Call Of Duty Mobile is one of the biggest adversaries of PUBG Mobile. For giving a tough competition to your fan-favorite rivals, you will have to deliver equally better game features. Most of the games nowadays are providing a steam version of the game, so that users don’t feel boredom with the same old content.

    A few days ago, PUBG Mobile’s beta version gave us some hints about the arrival of new attracting features and now COD Mobile also gave us hints about the improvisation which might take place after the Season 7 Update.

    So, in this article, we shall check out the things which Activision is planning to provide in the new update.

    call of duty mobile

    1. Brand New Maps Incoming

    call of duty

    Call Of Duty Mobile previously gave us clues about the release of a new Team Death Match map. The highly-anticipated Gulag map is supposed to make its way with the Season 7 update. Apart from that, Season 7 might also bring some more maps like the Shipment and High-rise. And there are rumors that there might be some new locations in the battle royal map as well.

    2. Weapon Inventory to Be Upgraded

    call of duty

    There are indications about the addition of some new weapons. M249 and G36 might get a place in the inventory. Also, there is a buzz about the HBRA3 weapon which was previously available only for the ones who were using the in-game purchase feature. But after this update, the gun will be available for all the players. Aside from the new weapons, new weapon skins will also be a prime feature of the new update.

    In fact, not only the guns will have an upgrade, but the melee weapon especially the Katana will be upgraded with new skills.

    3. Tanks Might Find a Place in the CODM Garage

    In the new update, the Tank vehicle might be available. The vehicle might spawn across various locations. Although there’s no information regarding the number of Tanks that will be available in a single match.

    4. New Characters to be Introduced

    Characters in CODM

    Some new characters might be available after the update. The new characters will have a look of military sergeants with chemical cylinders on the back. The characters will have various unique skills as well.

    5. New Airstrike Option


    COD Mobile has a feature where players when having a kill-streak can use an air-strike option. Using the airstrike option, players can demolish their opponents by staying inside the base. In the new update, players might get a new air-strike option consisting of 3 rockets. This is quite similar to the console versions of Call of Duty games, like the recent Modern Warfare reboot.

    6. New Multiplayer Modes for Players to Grind

    training mode

    Several new multi-player modes will be added for the players to grind. The modes will be 5v5 battle games. Also, from season 7 training mode will also be there for players who wish to improve their reaction time, reflexes and aiming.

    7. Zombie Mode Might Return

    Zombie Mode

    COD Mobile previously had a zombie mode. The game had an outbreak because of the mode, however, the mode was taken away after Season 4. However, there’s a lot of buzz that the mode might return. Now, the mode will also have a Zombie Boss.

    9. Vending Machines to Be Added

    When the new season loads, there will be various vending machines available around different locations. Players will get utilities from the vending machine.

    8. Main Screen Will Have a New Look


    The main screen or the lobby never had an update since the release date of the game. But this season update might bring up a new lobby screen. This change might give a new look to the game.

    Therefore, these are the features will be improvised after the update. As of now, there’s no official announcement about the release date of the update. But as the Season 6 is about to end, the new season might arrive within a few days or weeks.

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