This Might Be The Best GPU Air Cooling Solution


    We’ve seen a lot of CPU and GPU coolers this Computex, one of which was Cooler Master’s MasterLiquid Dual Pump AIO with a whirlpool spinning in the reservoir, but nothing comes close to this GPU air cooler. The Powercolor air cooler produces a deafening sound to cool your GPU during extensive tasks.

    The air cooler forces air through its two high-pressure fans with 250+ CFM and chamber-like mount. To demo the cooler, a Xilinx FPGA was displayed with the cooling mechanism attached to it.

    Although the cooler might be able to cool a hot GPU with a breeze, it will hardly reach the domestic market mostly due to its huge bulk paired with a loud noise. By the looks of it, the company might be trying to target this as server equipment.


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