8 Best Gadgets of The 21st Century You Absolutely Need


    The future is here. With everything around us getting smart, we need to be not dumb while choosing which gadgets we actually need. We here at TechQuila have come up with this listicle to keep you informed.

    Vacuum Forming Machine

    Set up a mini factory at your home with Mayku Formbox! This vacuum forming machine sits at your table and makes 3D molds of almost anything you want. Easily turn your ideas into real life objects with this machine. Take a look at their Kickstarter and decide for yourself how awesome it really is!

    21st Century gadgets
    Mayku Formbox: Bringing Ideas to life

    Mobile Airbag

    Tell me you haven’t wished your phone was on RedBull everytime it fell, so that it would develop wings, to break the fall. Well, we still haven’t been able to achieve that in this century, but we certainly have the next best thing up and ready! This German Engineering Student 3D Printed his device’s parts after careful planning and constant tinkering of 4 years. When the phone is dropped, the device acts like an airbag and lands on it’s feet. It comes with a case, hardly compromising the look of the phone.

    21st Century Gadgets
    Phone successfully landed

    Read more about it here and here.

    Digital Cutting Board

    The newest kitchen innovation is here. Welcome this Digital Cutting Board, which doubles up as a cooking guide with it’s flexible LCD Display showing recipes of any dish you might like! This cutting board has rubber feet that houses the circuitry to run the display. The circuits used are lead and bromide free, so it’s environment friendly too! It will soon make waves in the kitchen industry, so watch out!

    21st Century Gadgets
    Instructions for cooking on display


    We all know Segway is awesome, so take a look at their next new design: Loomo, a robot that can act as a vehicle, shopping cart or even surveillance system! 21st century gadgetsApart from being a robot that can travel upto 22 miles per charge, it supports facial recognition and multi-terrain mobility. With its Advanced computer vision, Loomo can follow you autonomously. You can leave all the bags with this robot and it will follow you to the parking lot. Pre-order it here.

    Copenhagen Wheel

    The Copenhagen wheel transforms your average everyday cycle into a smart electric hybrid. The wheel contains a motor, a battery, multiple sensors, wireless connectivity with your phone and an embedded control system. This smart wheel learns how you pedal and multiplies the pedal power by 3 to 10 times.

    21st Century Gadgets
    The Orange disk here is the Copenhagen Wheel, it’s pretty smart, from what we hear and see

    You can cycle on any terrain on any place on the face of the earth, as long as it is not water, because the wheel makes hills feel flat and distances shrunk. Buy this wheel here.

    The Smart Finger

    Remember those days when measurements were usually done with help of body parts? No, not that one dear readers, keep your mind out of the gutter, I am talking spans and feet. Fast forward to 21st Century and you can measure things between your finger again, thanks to this amazing gadget. The Smart Finger is a device than can be worn on your fingers, and then be employed for measuring things that are “ye big”.

    21st century gadgets
    Measuring things got a whole lot easier, wear the smart finger on any finger you like!

    It is made of silicon, and thus, fits comfortably to anyone. The distance is calculated on the basis of the time taken by the signal to beam from one finger tip to the other and back. It can help measure length, breadth, and volume in a very intuitive way through simple button operations.

     L’Oreal UV Sense

    The makeup company giant has come up with a tiny sticker. So why exactly did it make it to this list? This tiny sticker, is actually a sensor. The gadget is capable of detecting ultraviolet exposure and can be worn on your fingernail! This little device packs in an NFC Antenna, UV Sensor and a temperature sensor.

    21st Century Gadgets
    This tiny device can achieve worlds

    It collects all the data and sends it to your smartphone. Ultimately, the sticker is supposed to help people know how much is too much when it comes to roaming around in the sun. This is a development which will also help reduce the risk of skin cancer. Welcome to 21st Century: A time where we fight skin cancers with nail art.

    LG Rollable OLED Display

    Remember the time when Televisions were a big box? Well, you can soon roll them up like a carpet and keep it in your backyard or something (taking it too far). It’s 2018 and LG has already concocted a rollable OLED Display.

    21st Century gadgets
    LG Rollable OLED Display, First Look, CES 2018

    A lot of things are yet to be figured out, like, where and how to place tuner but the first huge step has been taken! From a 16×9 panel it drops down to a 21×9 aspect ratio. Say Goodbye to the black bars you get while watching movies with this new tech! Watch it in display here.

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