Apple’s Next MacBook Air to be Thinner, Lighter, and More Powerful

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman is back to spoil Apple’s party again, and this time he’s on to Cupertino giant’s best-selling MacBook, the MacBook Air. Apparently, the beloved Macbook Air is getting refreshed, donning a new design and more powerful Apple Silicon coming as early as the second half of 2020 or early 2021.

Bloomberg’s report suggests that the Cupertino giant is planning to shrink the MacBook Air’s overall footprint while keeping the 13-inch display. The most feasible approach would be reducing bezels, and we believe Apple is going with the same approach. The upcoming Air is also said to feature a mini-LED display.

Back To Square One

MacBook Air

It seems like Magsafe’s return is destined more than anything at this point. With the iPhone 12, Apple brought the concept of Magsafe to iPhones. With the next generation of MacBooks, Apple is going rogue with its own decision of removing Magsafe charging. According to Bloomberg’s previous reports, it will resemble the older MagSafe port’s elongated pill-shaped design. The report further suggests that the next-gen Macbook Air will feature a pair of USB 4 ports.

A 15-inch MacBook Air?

MacBook Air
Credits: AppleInsider

According to Gurman, Apple was also considering a 15-inch MacBook Air, but Apple “isn’t moving forward with this for the next generation,” suggesting the idea was later shelved. However, it still leaves some hope for the upcoming generations to come.

Faster & Faster


Apart from the design refresh, the next generation of Air will be powered by a much powerful iteration of Apple’s ARM-based M series processors. As far as we know, Apple is apparently working on its next generation of ARM-based CPUs for Macs, with as many as 32-cores.

Another thing to note is that the upcoming MacBook Air won’t be replacing the current-gen MacBook Air, which was refreshed two months ago in November 2020 with the Apple M1 chip, Cupertino giant’s first ARM-based processor for the Mac. Instead, it will be serving as a higher-end variant, while the M1 powered Air will still be available as the company’s entry-level offering.

Last week, Mark Gurman revealed that Macbook Pro is also getting refreshed this year with iPad-inspired design, Apple’s own M series chipset, Magsafe charging, and most importantly, removal of the controversial touch bar.

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