Apple is Reportedly Testing Out Its First Folding iPhone, Scheduled For 2022 Launch

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It seems like we’re getting a folding iPhone soon as reports from China’s publication Economic Daily claims that Apple’s assembly partners including Foxconn (Hon Hai) and New Nikko have started sending samples for the first folding iPhone to the Cupertino giant.

The Economic Daily reports that Apple is deciding which display technology to use for its upcoming folding iPhone. The company is having two options, the OLED and microLED displays, and according to the report this decision is very crucial to the manufacturing process

Currently, Apple is in the process of testing out screens and bearings for the folding iPhone. The display panels are said to be supplied by Samsung while the bearings will come from New Nikko, and the iPhones getting assembled by Foxconn (Hon Hai), which is considered to be Cupertino giant’s biggest assembly partner, which is even speculated to play a key role in Apple’s plan for folding iPhone.

folding iphone mockup
Folding iPhone mockup
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The hinge or bearing is one of the crucial components of a folding phone and Apple wants to take no risk with its first folding iPhone. So it is reportedly going to stick the New Nikko for the bearings since both have already collaborated for MacBooks in the past. The hinges will be tested for more than 100,000 folding tests.

According to the report, Cupertino giant is preparing it for a September 2022 launch but take this information with a pinch of salt.

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How will a Folding iPhone look like?

folding iPhone render
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We don’t have any idea on how this folding iPhone will turn out to be but a recent patent filed by Apple give us a hint at what it might be like, and prominent Apple leaker Jon Prosser also claimed that folding iPhone will have a Surface Duo like design with two individual displays connected through a hinge instead of being something like Galaxy Fold devices. Apple has been granted several patents for a folding smartphone since 2016 but we never saw any prototype so there might be chances that Apple never settled on a design.

Well, it’s only a matter of a few months before we start seeing more reports regarding the folding iPhones.

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