AMD Radeon Vega VII to Cost approx Rs 70,000 in India; No Retailers Confirmed


    Update: AMD’s PR team reached out to us and although they didn’t say anything about the Radeon Vega VII’s exact price, they did clarify that their press releases mentioned GST. Furthermore, the inventory shortage is being blamed on the Chinese new year. Although we haven’t been given a date, AMD India are confident that there won’t be a shortage of Vega VII cards once the second wave of stocks roll in.

    AMD’s new 7nm based Radeon Vega VII graphics card launched a short while ago, but many regions still haven’t received the first wave of stocks. This includes South-East Asian countries including India. As per the press release issued by AMD’s PR teams in India, as well as many media outlets like NDTVG360, BGR, and News18, the Radeon Vega VII will cost 54,990 in the country. However, that info is far from correct.

    AMD Radeon Vega VII to Cost approx Rs 70,000 in India

    After talking to some people in the industry and after a bit of digging around, we have been able to confirm that the AMD Radeon Vega VII won’t be priced at 54,990 in India after all. That, in fact, is the global retail price, and the final consumer price will include the GST and possibly custom charges as well. For now, I won’t take into account the latter, but GST will definitely add to the MSRP. At the moment, GST is fixed at 18% on computer components. If we add that to the Vega VII’s existing 55K price tag, that brings up the price to approximately Rs. 70,000.

    I’m quite certain that a few more charges will also be levied, depending on how AMD decides to sell them in India. Speaking of retailers, the Vega VII doesn’t have any in the country at present. The only way you can buy the card is by importing it via Newegg or Amazon, where it is priced at $699. Furthermore, the red flagship is out of stock at pretty much every online store, so technically there’s no way of getting your hands on one at the moment. Even if you could get one via one of these international sellers, they’ll be charging you approx Rs. 15-20K for the shipping and import duties. That puts the price of the Radeon Vega VII roughly between 70-75K. So yeah, many sources have been publishing misleading stories regarding the pricing of AMD’s new 7nm GPU.

    AMD Radeon Vega VII to Cost approx Rs 70,000 in India

    As for the distribution of the SKUs in India, at present, it all seems pretty chaotic. If you reach out to AMD India, most of the reps are clueless and aren’t really sure when or how the Vega VII will be available. I wouldn’t call this decent PR, and really makes you wonder if AMD itself is to blame for NVIDIA’s dominance in the Asian markets.


    1. New gst is 12% in computer parts.
      Shipping will cost about 2000-3000.
      If bulk is shipped then cost will reduce.
      It will cost about 60k.

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