AMD Radeon RX 5600 (Navi 14) Spotted, 25-50% Faster than Radeon RX 570


It shouldn’t be long before the 7nm Radeon Navi 14 GPUs are announced. We might see an official reveal as soon as September 7th during the Ryzen 9 3950X event. These supposed RX 5600 series graphics cards will replace the aging Polaris lineup and compete with NVIDIA’s GTX 16 series lineup using the same cutthroat pricing that made the RX 5700 lineup popular. A new benchmark on Compubench has been spotted which almost certainly is a Navi 14 part. It’s 20 to 40% faster than the Radeon RX 570 indicating that it’ll be the midrange offering in this bracket:

I know this is not a good measure of the performance of the Navi 14 SKUs but at the very least it confirms that these GPUs are coming and soon. As for the raw firepower, we can expect performance eclipsing that of the GeForce GTX 1660 and the 1660 Ti with a cheaper alternative to the already redundant GTX 1650.

There is also word of Navi 12 (Big Navi) coming by the end of the year, but it’s uncertain whether the rumor is legit or not. We will definitely see a 4K capable card (based on Navi 20) in 2020 trading blows with the RTX 2080 Ti (or the 3080 Ti), but it’s not confirmed whether we’ll be seeing an enthusiast offering based on the 1st Gen RDNA architecture or not.

AMD’s RDNA architecture is more suited for gaming, focusing on lower latencies and higher clock speeds. The GCN design while potent was more suited for Data Centers and compute based workloads, rather than sheer graphics. RDNA aims to do away with those shortcomings and build a sheer gaming-specific lineup. The first iteration is merely a taste of what’s to come and features the vestiges of GCN reorganized along with some new components. The second Gen RDNA architecture slated for launch in 2020 will ditch the last bits of GCN. This will be the same design that’ll power the next-gen Xbox Scarlett and Sony PS5 consoles and incorporate hardware-level ray-tracing support.

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  1. Hi , can you get any info on when the rx 5700xt AiB models like (sapphire 5700xt pulse , power color reddevil, msi evoke) will available in India ??

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