AMD & MSI Announce Rainbow Six Siege Tournament in India With Prize Pool of ₹5,40,000


Update: The teams no longer require two players from India

AMD & MSI have joined hands to bring one of the largest Rainbow Six Siege gaming tournaments in the country with a massive prize pool of ₹5,40,000. The tournament is being hosted by Elite Hubs, one of India’s largest tournament organizers.

The total prize pool has been divided into three parts for each of the three back to back tournaments. The tournaments begin from 30th March 2020 onwards. Registration starts at 6:30 pm today at the official page of Elite Hubs. Each tournament, featuring a prize pool of ₹1,80,000, will be open to players all across the Indian subcontinent. The winner’s prize for each tournament is ₹1,00,000, while the runner-up and MVP get ₹60,000 and ₹20,000 respectively.

The tournament will surely boost the Rainbow Six Siege in the Indian Subcontinent, which has already been witnessing a steady growth. This is not the first time a tournament of this scale is being organized here. Earlier, we had witnessed Lenovo Legion organizing a LAN event on a large scale. Elite Hubs has also been pretty active in organizing Rainbow Six Siege in association with major brands. The India Rainbow Six Siege community has been getting overwhelming support across the country. It shouldn’t be long before we see Rainbow Six Siege becoming the next big thing in the Indian eSports Scene.

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