AMD Big Navi (Supposed NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti Competitor) D18805 goes for RRA Certification


    Big Navi definitely seems to be on its way to release. The folks over at WCCFTech did some internet trawling and found that a mysterious AMD GPU was just sent in for certification with RRA, a South Korean authority. The part in question is code-named the ATI-102-D18805. This might appear to be a random string of numbers and letters, but a deeper look reveals a lot.

    For starters ATI: for those of you who don’t remember, ATI (and not AMD) was the original Team Red that introduced the Radeon brand and went up against Nvidia in the hectic early 2000s. They were bought up by AMD and became their graphics division. The rest of the alphanumeric code speaks volumes about the specific part we’re looking at.

    It appears similar to the naming convention that AMD uses when it ships engineering samples around: these are listed on Zauba, where international shipment details are listed. Zauba shipment codes have followed a consistent pattern over the years. Hawaii parts (the 290X and 290) and variants were listed as C6XXXX, while Polaris and Navi were C9XXXX and D18XXX, with a consistent increment for the parts in between. The later numbers are indicative of the performance range. For instance, “Small Navi” was D18205. Meanwhile, the part we’re looking at here is the D18805. That’s 600 arbitrary numbers higher. The fact that it’s D18 indicates that this is still a Navi part. What we’re curious about, though, is whether this is first-gen or second-gen Navi with ray-tracing support. If it’s the latter, we’re looking at a part that likely has a lot in common with the GPUs powering the PS5 and Xbox Scarlett.

    It’s important to note that RRA certification doesn’t mean an immediate GPU release. It does mean that the design of the GPU has been finalized, but it could be several months from now before we see a part hit the shelves. Whenever that is, we’ll be sure to keep you posted.

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