18+ Adult Movies Of All Time To Fulfill All Your Sexual Fantasies| Lolita, Exotica and More

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    18+ Movies/ Eroticas/ adult movies are nothing less than art. Time and again, various movies have proved the importance of sexual intimacy but have also told viewers how harmful addiction for one might turn into! All adult movies mentioned in the following listicle contain cinematic landmarks—moments that provoke, titillate, and push the limits of cinema all the while catering to your sexual fantasies.

    1. Body Heat (1981)

    18+ Movies

    Director : Lawrence Kasdan

    Ned Racine, a shyster prosecutor, starts an affair with Matty Walker, the wife of a wealthy Florida entrepreneur. Ned devises a plan to assassinate Matty’s husband with the help of one of his criminal associates, bomb maker Teddy Lewis so that they can flee together with his assets. But as problems pile up, the hapless lawyer finds himself in a situation much more dangerous than he imagined.

    2. The Hunger (1983)

    18+ Movies

    Director : Tony Scott

    With this sexually charged tale about, well, the most beautiful vampire couple in eternity (David Bowie and Catherine Deneuve) attempting to facilitate their status and immortality in a time of science and affluence, Tony Scott made his directorial debut. As he portrays Miriam (Deneuve) seeking warmth in the arms of scientist Sarah Roberts (Susan Sarandon), Scott dials up the design to eleven while seeking a cure for the same.

    3. 9½ Weeks (1986)

    18+ Movies

    Director : Adrian Lyne

    Fireworks erupt as two strangers, John and Elizabeth, meet. They begin a passionate relationship that progresses to bondage and other erotic stunts such as striptease. When things get hot, however, they flame out quickly.

    4. Basic Instinct (1992)

    18+ Movies

    Director : Paul Verhoeven

    Detective Nick is tasked with solving a murder case. He suspects the victim’s girlfriend first and foremost. She seduces him into starting an intense fling that hits new heights of lust and coercion when he calls in to investigate her. It’s all flames and intimacy and one of those adult movies that stay with you.

    Watch Basic Instinct here.

    5. Exotica (1994)

    18+ Movies

    Director : Atom Egoyan

    Christina is the most popular dancer at a successful strip club, which is owned by her ex-boyfriend, who also happens to be the club’s boss. When a depressed man becomes a regular, he develops an unhealthy sexual and psychological dependence on Christina.

    6. Bound (1996)

    18+ Movies

    Director : Lana Wachowski and Lilly Wachowski

    When Violet sees Corky in an elevator, sparks fly. Corky is fresh out of jail and renovating the apartment next door, while Violet is the girlfriend of a violent mobster named Caesar. As the two women embark on a passionate love affair, they devise a complex strategy for Violet to flee Caesar with two million dollars in mob money — but the most important part is to keep Violet alive.

    7. Lolita (1997)

    18+ Movies

    Director : Adrian Lyne

    Humbert Humbert is a professor of gentlemanly taste in literature and other academic pursuits who hails from the old school. He marries a new widow to be near her young, pretty, petite, and seductive daughter, Lolita, when he meets her he is mesmerized beyond just her beauty. Lolita is one of those adult movies that truly stay with you.

    8. Mulholland Dr. (2001)

    18+ Movies

    Director : David Lynch

    After a car accident, a dark-haired woman becomes an amnesiac. She wanders aimlessly through the streets of Los Angeles before seeking shelter in an apartment. Betty, a delightful Midwestern blonde who has come to the town of Angels (LA) in search of success as an actress, discovers her there. Rita’s real identity is a mystery that the two try to solve together.

    9. Secretary (2004)

    18+ Movies

    Director : Steven Shainberg

    Lee is a mentally ill patient who often injures herself. As she gets a job as a secretary for a well-known lawyer, she transforms the working relationship into a sadomasochistic one that puts them both on the verge of losing their minds.

    10. Shame (2011)

    18+ Movies

    Director : Steve McQueen

    Brandon, a successful and charismatic New Yorker, appears to lead a normal life, but he hides a secret behind his facade of normalcy: he is a sex addict. His insatiable need for pleasure numbs him to everything else. However, when Brandon’s needy, Sissy, suddenly arrives in town, crashes at his residence, and intrudes on his privacy, Brandon is forced to confront his dirty desires.

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    11. Nymphomaniac Vol I (2013)

    18+ Movies

    Director : Lars von Trier

    Seligman discovers a fainted injured woman in an intersection and takes her home. She introduces herself as Joe and explains that she is a nymphomaniac. Joe recounts her life and sexual encounters with hundreds of men since she was a child, while Seligman discusses his interests, which include fly fishing, reading about Fibonacci numbers, and listening to organ music.

    12. Nymphomaniac Vol II (2013)

    18+ Movies

    Director : Lars von Trier

    Joe proceeds to recount the events of her life to Seligman. Joe lives with Jerôme and their son Marcel, and she suddenly loses sexual sensation during a sexual encounter. Joe is looking for kinky sex, fetishes, and sadomasochism in the hopes of regaining her sex drive. Jerôme abandons Marcel at home and places him in a foster home for adoption.

    Joe’s gynaecologist then refers her to counselling, but she refuses to accept that she is addicted to sex. In the meantime, Seligman informs Joe that he is a virgin and assists her in comprehending her actions. Joe thinks Seligman is her comrade, but is he really?

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    13. The Duke Of Burgundy (2014)

    18+ Movies

    Director : Peter Strickland

    Cynthia and Evelyn have kinky foreplay and intercourse, which almost always results in Evelyn’s punishment. It does, however, have a great deal of pleasure. Though Cynthia fantasises about a more conventional relationship, their shared fascination leads them farther than they could have expected.

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