TechQuila started off as a student club but turned into something much bigger. Our team consists of undergrads with various skill-sets who are specializing in professions from engineering to law and even film-making. Although most of our team is composed of youngsters, we have a sufficient level of backing and expertise from industry experts.


Today, we cater to a traffic of more 2,00,000 viewers a month from all across the globe with the latest tech news and reviews. Although we cover a diverse range of topics, our primary focus lies in computer hardware and gaming which we cover daily with a close collaboration with various OEMs and sources.


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Meet our dedicated



Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Computer Engineering student and an absent minded techie. Frequently bumps into strangers on the road. Computer Hardware and RPGs are his forte, though he also claims to have a good grip on human psychology and poetry.

Rohit Pandit

Co-Founder & Head of PR & BD

A hotel management student and a die-hard foodie. Keeps coming up with random business ideas. Great chef by the way, or so we’ve been told.

Harshit Sharma

Section Editor - PC & Mobile

An avid football lover, and a die-hard Barca fan. Harshit loves to learn all about tech and gadgets he can’t afford (yet). A music enthusiast, with Coldplay being his god. Probably one of the most sweetest guy you’ll meet.

Rahul Majumdar

Section Editor - Entertainment

Along with being a devout cinephile & an occasional gamer, he likes to dabble in tech regularly, although whenever he does something inevitable gets destroyed. Left engineering for film-making. Loves dogs a bit too much.

Arvind Pennathur

Section Editor - Gaming

A law student by day, and video gamer by night, with a particular love for anime and philosophy. Arvind also writes stories and poetry. With a special kind of love for music, he is an avid learner, always ready to debate on almost any subject. With unmatched efficiency and reliability.

Varsha Sunilkumar Rao

Section Editor - Lifestyle & Science

A voracious reader and follower of Anime, TV shows, K-Drama, everything DC and Marvel and music across all genres. She is a tech enthusiast and a passionate pianist. She loves to express (some of the) billions of thoughts that go through her head across all these platforms. Also, a chemical engineer in the making.


Senior Editor

A deep-dyed tech enthusiast and a normiephobe. From smartphones and computers to pagers and calculators, he loves learning and sharing everything technology.


Senior Editor

An avid fan of anime and video games and just an all around geek in general. If you don’t let him have his daily dose of anime, he’ll probably die. He also loves JRPGs and any kind of anime related game in general, and would love to be a video game dev himself one day.



From her love of photography to the intricacy of gadgets, Pashchima is a versatile writer whose sweet personality reflects in her writing. An engineer in the making, her works reflect her contemporary perspective. Watch life get better after reading her articles as they aim at the convenience aspect of life!



Chandrabhan Singh

Head of Human Resources

A particularly laid back individual, he manages to dabble in a little bit of everything and yet no single thing holds his attention for long. Spends borderline obscene amounts of time reading anything and everything that randomly manages to capture his fleeting interest. Passes time by pic

Ishan Raychaudhuri

HR Team

He doesn’t know what he’s doing most of the time, and he doesn’t really care. He’s interested in a lot of things, including anime, manga, light novels, web novels, comics, video games and animated shows. Likes to consider himself as the personification of procrastination.

Rushabh Kaddu


A Mechanical Engineering Student and a Car Nut. He is obsessed with Tech. Rumour has it that he has almost never been seen without a camera. Spends way too much time playing video games. A cup of chai will get him up and running in no time.

Souvik Ghoshal


Just another second-year mechanical engineering guy with a passion for creative photography and expertise in computer hardware and the latest technology.

Ayush Mohapatra

HR Team

Someone who’s really into movies and is extremely zealous in the field of Technology. Love sitting in front of the computer screen playing games, developing softwares and writing reviews.