We are a team of passionate and skilled undergrads that found a gaping hole in information related to technology advancements. We took it upon ourselves to present a platform that will not only keep you updated with the latest happenings in the world of computer and tech but also provide you honest product reviews.Our team comprises of individuals ranging from the profession of engineering to tech to even filmmaking. Therefore, our team’s professional diversity makes content that can cater to a variety of audiences.


TechQuila has gained massive popularity among the masses. From starting as a student club to catering to traffic of more than 500,000 viewers from all over the globe per month, our idea grown and so has our passion for keeping our audiences updated on the happening in the world of computer hardware, gaming and so much more.Our team works in close collaboration with OEMs and is well-versed in the latest trends and demands of the tech world.

We know what we are talking about!
The tech industry is ever-changing; therefore, you need information from reliable sources, and our young team is the best at adapting to this rapid growth.Whether it’s gaming or computer hardware, TechQuila has all the information you need!


Meet our dedicated



Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief

NOTE: Beware! Known for bumping into strangers on the road.

Areej claims to know psychology, and he might just see through you. He also happens to be an expert in Computer Hardware, RPG’s and is a fluent poet.

Rohit Pandit

Co-Founder & Head of Business Development

A one-stop shop for crazy dumb business ideas

Aside from his crazy ideas. Rohit is a hotel management student who’s also a die-hard foodie and a Great chef, or so we’ve been told.

Harshit Sharma

Section Editor - PC & Mobile

He’s just sweet… So sweet

Harshit is all about new tech and gadgets - although he may not necessarily be able to afford them, yet. A pretty reserved guy, keeps to himself and speaks only when required.
Loves Coldplay and Barca, and plays football in his free time.

Rahul Majumdar

Section Editor - Entertainment

Hi… I like dogs.

Rahul left engineering for film-making. Other than being found naked in the cinema, Rahul regularly involves himself in tech and adores doggies.

Arvind Pennathur

Section Editor - Gaming

This guy knows the law

A law student by day, and video gamer by night, with a particular love for anime and philosophy. Arvind also writes stories and poetry. With a special kind of love for music, he is an avid learner, always ready to debate on almost any subject. With unmatched efficiency and reliability.

Varsha Sunilkumar Rao

Section Editor - Lifestyle & Science

In 5 years she’ll be making chemicals that make your brain go - weeee

Varsha is becoming a chemical engineer. But that doesn’t stop her from Anime, K-Drama and the piano. She’s all over social media - when she could be making potentially kickass drugs.


Associate Editor

Phone addict in the house!

Shayan has got his hands dirty with tech. He’s all about phones, computers, pagers, and calculators. He’s a quick learner who’s always ready to share his wisdom.


Associate Editor

Geek alert!

Shawn is a geek who loves Anime. If he doesn’t get his daily dose of Anime, he WILL die. Shawn is also crazy about JPRG’s and plans to become a game developer one day.


Associate Editor

Touch of sweetness

She spends her time thinking of what life should be like whilst capturing sexy photographs whenever she gets the chance. An engineer in the making, her works reflect her contemporary perspective. Watch life get better after reading her articles as they aim at the convenience aspect of life!

Chandrabhan Singh

Head of Human Resources


Chandrabhan is particularly laid back. He’ll try his hand at everything, like everything. In his free time, he’ll eat up loads of reading material, pretty much everything that grabs his fleeting interest.

Ishan Raychaudhuri

Human Resources

The face of procrastination

Ishan doesn’t know what he’s doing most of the time. But he is into Anime, Manga and video games.

Rushabh Kaddu

Head of Photography

Runs on chai....

Rushabh is a man that is powered by tea. He knows all about cars and he’s almost never seen without a camera. He also spends way too much time with his beloved video games and is clearly obsessed with tech.

Nandini Proothi


The one lost in her own world

Nandini’s days are spent listening to music, writing about music and making small bobble notions with her head. You’ll normally find her in her own world, deep in thought with a cup of coffee in her hand.



The one who talks too much about movies

Ranjib loves movies and football. That’s it.

P.S: He’s also super intelligent and a huge procrastinator who’s inspired by the stars in the night (as weird as that sounds).



Flex level 1000%

He has insane CSGO ranks… You’ll know in the first 30 seconds of meeting him - because he’ll tell you - regardless of whether you care or not.

On a more serious note, our beloved Pratyush is an incredible engineer who’s captivated by technology and loves to code.



Wannabe workaholic

Wannabe workaholic Swetabh is looking to become a workaholic. He’s also on the verge of becoming an electrical engineer (if he lives through his annoying habit of spurring into debate mode whenever he hears anything remotely tech related).

Ambarish Sengupta


Siege keeps him satisfied

Ambarish is always messing around with GPU’s to see how far he can get before the screen goes black. He’s also an avid gamer, finding his peace in Siege. His all-time-favourite writer is Anthony Horowitz, and a good novel coupled with a hardcore metal song can keep him holed up in his tech cave for days.



Leave her alone!

Shruti wants to be alone. She wants to take a stroll as she zones in and out of life. She’s an art collector who’s running out of things to collect and when free, she takes to photography, music, and literature.



Fortnite addict

Abhigyan loves pop music with his all-time favourite being Charlie Puth. When not glued to a screen playing Fortnite, he can be found watching cricket and reading and writing about tech.

Ayush Mohapatra

Dy. Head of Public Relations

Potate, potate, potate

Ayush spends his days sitting in front of his computer playing games, developing new software and writing online reviews. He’s also a keen techie and movie fan.

Souvik Ghoshal


Just another guy…

Souvik is in his second-year doing mechanical engineering. When he’s not photographing dead animals, Souvik is taking apart computers.

He’s an expert in the latest tech and computer hardware.