Spike Chunsoft’s next game, Zanki Zero: Last Beginning, will be heading to a Western demographic thanks to its upcoming release for the PlayStation 4 and on Steam for PC users.

The story of the game revolves on an island that each of the eight protagonists live on after civilization as we know it was forcefully blown apart. The player will get to experience the journey of one of the eight protagonists in each chapter. As you play through the world, you will explore the island to its fullest in a ‘survival of the fittest’ experience as you uncover long buried secrets about who you are. Death and time will have a serious impact on how the story of the game unfolds and what choices the player makes, as each life cycle is only 13 days and your abilities change as you age.

zanki zeroThe game does not have a specific release date yet. You can check out the official website here, and an official trailer for the game over here.

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