YouTube ‘Chapters’ Helps Skip to the Important Parts of a Video


    YouTube has officially rolled out a feature called ‘Chapters’ which is helpful while watching long videos by enabling users to watch the parts that matter. This feature will help you navigate better and as a result, help you find exactly what you are looking for in the video. ‘Chapters’ come with a built-in timestamp feature that will help users understand which parts to skip to in a much easier way. 

    This feature has been made available for users on their desktop as well as on their mobile phones. ‘Chapters’ will be helpful to the creators of a particular video as well as the people watching a video. 

    youtube chapters

    On a desktop, the ‘Chapters’ update will not look any different because the bar that shows the video duration will just have small black breaks which basically will indicate the timestamps. While clicking on those black breaks, one will find the name of the chapter that they can start watching. This will be the standard design for this update on desktop as well as mobile phones. 

    YouTube was testing this effective feature in April this year, but it announced the release of this update worldwide this month. Chapters is an optional feature so users can choose to easily enable it. There needs to be a minimum of three timestamps that can be broken into specific chapters. 

    The creator of the video will be able to provide a description of the title chapter next to each of the timestamps. The video chapters will be available for the viewers to see as they scrub through the video. These video timestamps are required to be at least 10 seconds or more in duration to be able to have the feature. 

    The feature is gaining popularity as it is pretty nifty for video creators, some of them have already tested Chapters and are satisfied with it. For easier navigation through these ‘chapters’, YouTube has included a haptic buzz that users will feel once they move into a new chapter. 

    There are certain platforms on which this haptic buzz might not be available, for those platforms, YouTube has a feature which will snap the users before the beginning of a new chapter. While looking for a particular time marker while scrubbing through the video, users need to keep their fingers on the screen and then move it below the duration bar without lifting their fingers to see the time marker.

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