YouTube iOS app gets the ‘Dark Mode’, Android to follow


    Google’s video streaming service YouTube has finally introduced a dark theme for its mobile app on the iOS platform. The feature was already present on the desktop version of their website since May of last year and now can be used on the iOS app too.

    One of the main benefits of this Dark Mode is that it reduce eye strain while watching videos at night. Other than that, it also allows for a more cinematic feel and also helps conserve battery life for users who spend hours on the YouTube app.

    How to enable dark theme in YouTube iOS application:


    To enable the dark theme, tap the account icon on the top-right corner on the YouTube app. Select the settings menu, and under settings, simply toggle the dark theme switch.

    This feature would be beneficial for users with smartphones rocking an OLED/AMOLED display as content will stand out against the darker background and we all know that OLED/AMOLED panels provide deeper and more immersive blacks than a normal LCD display panel. The Dark Mode is currently only available for iOS devices and is expected to be released for Android users shortly.



    Moreover, YouTube also recently upgraded the live streaming experience by releasing a new and enhanced version of the YouTube Mobile Live app. It now gives users more ways to watch live videos and the ability to interact with other users in real time. It also allows the users to replay chats even after a live stream is over. Automatic English captions was also a new feature in the new version of the app.

    In addition to all this, some rumors suggest that YouTube is also working on an “Incognito Mode” for the app.

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