Xiaomi Mi Surface: 34-in Ultrawide Monitor Retails in China at Under Rs. 22K


    Xiaomi is famous for offering excellent hardware and flawless build quality at remarkably low prices. If you’re not too hung up over the cute/terrifying communist bunny mascot, it’s a go-to brand for midrange mobile hardware, upset only by OnePlus’ arrival on the market. In China, though, Xiaomi is known for producing a whole range of hardware, not just mobile phones. Their latest and greatest is pretty darn far from a mobile: The Xiaomi Mi Surface Display is a 34-in ultrawide gaming monitor.

    Specs-wise, Xiaomi hits it out of the park with this Mi Surface. We’re talking about a 34-inch 21:9 ultrawide panel at 3440×1440. You get a 144 Hz refresh rate with FreeSync enabled. This is a curved monitor with a 1500R screen curvature. Color reproduction is excellent: it’s only an 8-bit panel, but it covers 121 percent of the sRGB gamut. We’d expect nothing less from the Samsung VA panel Xiaomi’s using here.

    So far, Xiaomi hasn’t disclosed too much in the way of technical specs. We know that the resolution, size, and refresh rate, but we have no idea about connectivity. It makes sense to assume the panel will have, at the least, DisplayPort and HDMI 2.0 connectivity.

    Unsurprisingly, pricing is excellent. The monitor released a few days ago in China, on October 21st. At 2499 Yuan, we’re looking at a $312 price-point. This makes means it costs a bit less than Rs. 22,000. Now that is spectacular value. The closest monitor we can find, the BenQ EX350 (which features a lower refresh rate, by the way) retails for double this amount. G-Sync enabled ultrawides like the Acer Predator X34 cost even more. We have no idea if or when this product will arrive in India. But if pricing remains even remotely in the same ball-park, it’d be an instabuy in our books. Even if the Chinese government monitors each and every time you miss the haystack in a leap of faith, Alexios you klutz.

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    1. Now if only we can get them to make a 32:9 super ultrawide 49inch 1080p panel at 144mhz and acctuly release it in India I’m set

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