XIAOMI can now charge phones faster than most laptops


    Xiaomi has now developed a way to deliver 100W to fast charge your phone quicker than ever before. Spotted by XDA-Devs in a Weibo video, 17 minutes is all it took for a 4000mAh battery to reach from 0 to 100%! To put things into perspective, many high performance gaming laptops have 100W+ chargers. Most ultrabooks have 40-70W chargers.

    Aside from the demonstration, the video and Xiaomi didn’t explain how the technology worked and more importantly, how they’re able to pull this off without the risk of the battery overloading. Also missing is information regarding its availability. The exciting technology might show up in a Xiaomi’s budget sub-brand Redmi though, as the video was posted by GM of Redmi, Lu Weibing.

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