Asus Dominus Extreme Listed For $1,800; Xeon W-3175X For $2,979

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Intel’s most powerful processor is here, the Xeon W-3175X, consisting of 28-cores and 58 threads. Its approach to retail was unclear at first, but Intel has confirmed that it will be available as a boxed retail unit. Its date of availability is still unknown.

Currently, only ASUS’s ROG Dominus Extreme and Gigabyte’s AX1 support the processor. Asus has a beastly kit, available for sale, which comes with a board featuring two 24-pin ATX connectors, a quartet of eight-pin, and a pair of six-pin connectors that feed the 255W chip. The Dominus Extreme kit sells for $1,799. The Xeon W-3175X is listed on Newegg for pre-order, selling for $2977.

Intel Xeon W-3175X
Intel Xeon W-3175X

Intel has done a wonderful job with the packaging for the W-3175X, continuing the trend they set with the Core i9-9900K’s unconventional dodecahedron. It arrives with a flap which lifts up to reveal the processor in all its glory.

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Overclocking a processor is risky business, as you can easily fry the chip. Luckily, Intel offers a tuning protection plan, in which they’ll replace the processor in case something goes wrong. The plan has to be bought separately, although we don’t know the price as of yet.

Tuning protection plan
Tuning protection plan

As for the cooling, the W-3175X marks the debut of the unique LGA 3641 socket. There are very few options available, and one of them is Asetek with its 500W 690LX-PN 360mm AIO cooler available for $399. EKWB also has its Annihilator cooler coming to market, although we don’t have a word on its pricing and availability.

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