Xbox Series S Trailer Leaks Specifications – All Digital, 512 GB SSD, 1440p 120 FPS At $299 [UPDATED With Official Reveal]

    Xbox Series S Specs and Features Leaked
    Xbox Series S Specs and Features Leaked

    [UPDATE: We now have an official trailer for the Xbox Series S directly from Xbox’s verified channels. Original article follows.]

    After the hasty official announcement of the Xbox Series S, we now have a leaked trailer that confirms what the console will be capable of.

    Check out the Xbox Series S trailer, leaked by @_h0x0d_ on Twitter.

    The trailer confirms all the everything that we expected the console to be capable of, which include:

    • All-Digital Console
    • 512 GB Custom NVMe SSD
    • 1440p 120 FPS Support
    • 4K Media Streaming
    • 4K Game Upscaling
    • Support for DirectX Raytracing
    • Support for Variable Rate Shading
    • Support for Variable Refresh Rate

    We’ve previously gone over how a cheap Xbox console can push Game Pass to more casual gamers. The cheap entry point at $299 is a great price for price-sensitive markets like India (where it’ll probably end up around Rs. 30,000).

    It’s clear that the Xbox Series S is meant to be the perfect purchase for Game Pass subscribers. It’s a cheap entry into the Xbox ecosystem, which is moving away from the traditional console model. Xbox is more focused on game streaming and subscription services and paired with the Xbox All-Access program, the Series S is bound to be a huge success if marketed well.

    Xbox Series S and X Leaked
    Xbox Series S and X Leaked

    Both the Xbox Series X and S will launch in November 2020. The Series S will cost $299 and the Series X is rumored to be priced at $499.

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