Ever since the Microsoft Xbox One was launched, there have been rumors regarding the addition of mouse and keyboard support to the Xbox One controller. But those were all just speculations and nothing concrete was ever said, until now, Microsoft’s Xbox chief has now finally confirmed that this, indeed, is happening soon.

The corporate vice president of Xbox, Mike Ybarra, confirmed this on Twitter. He tweeted on Tuesday that mouse and keyboard are very close to coming to Xbox consoles. This means that we can expect support for mouse and keyboard in the near future. Larry “Major Nelson” Hyrb, who is responsible for Xbox communications for Microsoft also said that it would be tested on the game Warframe.

Ybarra’s tweet read, “Mouse and keyboard very close to coming to Xbox console. Lots of developer options to ensure fairness and a great experience. Choice is in the hands of the developer to do multiplayer pools (controller only, kb/mouse only, any, etc.). Soon! #Xbox”.

This is the first time Microsoft has publicly announced this, they had previously privately told developers that they can expect mouse and keyboard support in the future. The support will initially be released to a select group of Windows Insiders in the coming weeks, Microsoft said.

Microsoft also told about its new partnership with Razer and how they are working together to bring the “best possible mouse and keyboard experience”. According to reports from Windows Central, Microsoft and Razer presented a partnership on the Razer Turret earlier this year, proclaimed as the “ultimate keyboard and mouse solution for Xbox One.”

According to The Verge, Microsoft and Razer made their presentation at the Xfest developer conference last year.

One primary thing to note is that the USB mouse support uses the same APIs as used by Windows. This means you can simply unplug a mouse used on your PC and use it with Xbox too.

Interestingly, it took Microsoft so long to bring mouse and keyboard support for Xbox considering they started talking about it about two years ago. Both Windows and the Xbox have been updated many times since then.

Windows let users change mouse input controllers to allow for nearly instantaneous leaps across the screen, while controllers are comparatively known to be less precise and slower. The added support can be quite beneficial when it comes to competitive gaming and may allow Xbox players using a mouse and keyboard playing against PC players as well.

Microsoft also said that as Xbox will detect the presence of a mouse and keyboard, gamers will be restricted to special modes or queues separated by input mode. Its implementation would still be in developers’ hands only.

Interestingly, you can already play with mouse and keyboard on Minecraft for Xbox, but it’s more of an exploration game and doesn’t really make a difference. Competitive First-Person shooters on Xbox with keyboard and mouse would be something to really get excited about and it would be interesting to see if Microsoft is able to pull this off.

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