Xbox Cloud Gaming Is No Longer Limited To Your Browser

    xbox cloud gaming

    Only if you are an insider, though.

    Xbox Cloud Gaming has been available to PC users for a while now, although it has been solely limited to your browser. If you live in one of the 22 countries that are supported by the Xbox Cloud gaming service, you can now access the service through the Xbox app on your PC.

    In an announcement today by Jason Beaumont, the Partner Director of Xbox Experiences, Microsoft announced: “Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) to the Xbox App on Windows 10 PCs for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members.

    Xbox Game Pass Ultimate owners in those countries will now be able to enjoy over 100 games from the Xbox library. The most significant selling point of the service is the save data transfer, as you can continue and import the same save files you were using in your own Xbox console to play online via the Xbox Cloud Gaming service.

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    In Jason’s own words, all you now need to play an Xbox game on your rickety old laptop is the Xbox Ultimate Game pass, a compatible Bluetooth or USB controller, and an excellent internet connection. What if you’re in one of those countries not on the list? Well, we have a solution for you too.

    Xbox Game Pass Ultimate xCloud
    Xbox Game Pass Ultimate xCloud

    You can still use the Xbox Cloud Gaming service through your browser, as you used to be able to earlier. All this update has done is make the service available via the Xbox App on PC and make the interface more user-friendly. Xbox promises to use the insiders’ experiences to build a better platform for all Xbox Game Pass ultimate users, so don’t lose hope.

    There’s also a new social feature to help you connect with your friends while playing Forza or any other games the Xbox Cloud gaming service has to offer. The Xbox game pass is slowly becoming a must-own for gaming enthusiasts all over the world.

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