If a report from Microsoft insider, Brad Sams is to be believed, the next Xbox console (codenamed Scarlett) will be announced in 2020. As per the video, the Xbox Scarlett will leverage AMD hardware just like its predecessor.

On the CPU side, the upcoming Microsoft console will use the Zen2 cores while the graphics responsibilities will be handled by AMD’s upcoming Navi GPU. With these specs, achieving 4K at 60 FPS performance is the target set by the Xbox team.

Xbox ONe

Furthermore, Microsoft is looking to make the Xbox console more flexible with multiple performance modes. There will reportedly be a cheap console that will stream games via the Azure network. This would be similar to NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW platform. The second option will be a powerful but at the same time an expensive platform that should run games at higher resolutions with better frame rates.

Xbox head, Phil Spencer has been pushing for a unified Windows LIVE and Xbox store, and hopefully with this new console that goal will be fully accomplished. Just like before, backwards compatibility is also going to be a priority.

Xbox Phil Spencer

Expect Microsoft to announce this new Xbox console the coming year and just like always Sony is sure to have something in the works to challenge it. And lastly, although this may be from a reputed source, don’t forget this is still a rumor nevertheless and so take it with a fair bit of pessimism.

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  1. It can runs games at that now, even PS4 Pro can. Of course the next gen console will, well, if they don’t mess it up at launch like they did this gen. Nobody wants a repeat of Xbone at the start of a next gen with games like COD running at 720p 49fps.

  2. How is it Microsoft isn’t going to alienate both systems playing together online? Is one system going to have a clear advantage over the other playing on line?

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