2K Games is back again with its annual WWE title. While the last couple titles in the WWE 2K series weren’t that well received, 2K has taken those criticisms to the heart. This year’s entry, 2K19, is revamping the familiar gameplay mechanics that the series’ long-time fans have already been in love with. We got to play the game recently at a preview event, and it’s safe to say that the series might just be back on track. From a new focus on storytelling to the return of Showcase, here’s what’s new in this year’s edition:

A Focus On Fun

WWE 2K19

The series is going back to the basics to make the core aspects of its gameplay more fun to play. With new animations, 
dynamic momentum swings, new moves, game modes and more, this year’s edition is here to make a statement. That the game has had significant improvements to the framerate and overall responsiveness, especially when there’s taxing stuff like 5 person matches going on-screen. Bring on that couch multiplayer. We tested the game on a PS4 Pro, and the graphical performance held up pretty well, even in the most heated moments on screen. While we did run into a couple issues such as clipping, it has to be kept in mind that the game is still being polished.

More Storytelling

WWE 2K19

WWE 2K19 will be focusing more on the single-player story mode than any other game in the series. With a new and improved MyCAREER, players will be able to tell their own underdog story as they make their way into the professional scene. This year’s MyCAREER will feature over a 1000 lines of voiceover from 26 different WWE Superstars across 200 cutscenes. The mode will include approximately 12 hours on content, so that should suffice for quite some time.

Showcase is Back-  The Return of Daniel Bryan

The Return of Daniel Bryan in WWE 2K19
The Return of Daniel Bryan in WWE 2K19

Yep, after 2 years of being MIA, WWE 2K19 is bringing back Showcase. This time, it’ll focus on the rise and fall (and rise again) of Daniel Bryan. 
The Return of Daniel Bryan will feature 11 historical matches, story-driven cutscenes and multiple unlockable characters and arenas from throughout his WWE career.

2K Towers and Universe Mode

WWE 2K 19

Continuing off of the MyCAREER goodness, 2K19 is bringing a new mode, aptly named ‘2K Towers’. The idea?  Take a WWE Superstar or created MyPLAYER into one of 20 different towers, each with a unique gauntlet of matches that boasts different challenges, match stipulations & player modifications. Yeah, that’s a lot of options. And don’t forget Universe mode. With an improved Championship system and many more changes, there’s plenty of content to be covered.

WWE 2K19 is releasing on PC, PS4 and X-Box One systems on October 9th.


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