Wolfenstein: Youngblood Won’t Have RTX…At Launch


    RTX initially seemed like another one or Nvidia’s half-cooked “enhancements” like Turfworks, with a handful of initial outings before being consigned to the dust bin. However, Nvidia’s seemingly gotten far more developers on the RTX train than we could’ve imagined. Wolfenstein II: Youngblood, an upcoming spinoff to MachineGames’ startlingly good reboot of the Wolfenstein franchise will be incorporating exclusive RTX effects too. However, don’t expect it to be available at launch time.

    Executive Producer Jerk Gustafsson revealed that Youngblood’s RTX solution won’t be available at launch. This isn’t just Jerk being a jerk, though. Speaking to Gamesbeat about the RTX timeframe, this is what he said:

    We’re working together with Nvidia on that, but raytracing won’t be available at launch. The engineers at Nvidia are still hard at work getting that solution to look as good as possible for the game, and the date is still to be determined. But from what we’ve seen so far, it’ll be good.

    Wolfenstein II: New Collossus also made use of a forward-facing Nvidia exclusive technique: Variable-Rate Shading, improving performance on select hardware. Variable-Rate Shading was also a post-launch arrival so we’re betting Youngblood will make good use of RTX after launch. Considering Youngblood’s retro-futurist urban aesthetic, it’d be a great candidate for RTX reflections, along the lines of Battlefield V.

    If you can’t wait for more RTX goodness, check out our recent feature on how it’s used in Remedy’s upcoming Control.


    1. Your very negative, pompous and arrogant attitude leads me to believe that your an AMD fanboy.

      I won’t take your words an an opinion to weigh my thoughts against because this information became biased the moment the venom started dripping from your entitled fangs.

      Get help for that. Seriously.

      • Uh…okay, bud. As a reviewer, I’ve used 3 generations of Nvidia flagship and enthusiast parts: The 780 Ti, the 970, the 980 Ti, and the 1070. The 980 Ti is still one of my all-time favourite cards. That being said, Nvidia-exclusive effects have always run poorly on AMD AND Nvidia parts. Wildlands with Nvidia Turf Effects on was good for 1080p 30 FPS…with a 1070. And this was before the 1080 Ti came out. A single, Nvidia-exclusive effect brought the second most powerful GPU at the time down to PS4 frame rates. That’s not me hating on Nvidia. It’s my personal experience. I’ve gone through a lot of AMD cards too. I personally owned a Fury and, while it was a great performer, you could never crank textures up because of the 4GB VRAM limit. I’ve had a 390X and, while it was faster than a 970 it was running at 95 degrees C the entire time. I haven’t even gotten into how broken AMD Wattman is. But none of this changes the fact that Nvidia’s proprietary tech experiments are almost all half-baked, poorly optimized and quickly forgotten. But then again, what would I know? I’m just a crazy AMD fanboy even though I’ve had more experience with Nvidia cards than AMD.

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