Meet the Wingbrush 2.0: Smart interdental cleaning?

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Do you hate flossing? Of course you do. Everyone does. However, no one likes tooth cavities or worse, root decay. German dentist, Louis Bahlmann is tired of patients’ excuses for not flossing. In fact, this particular German dentist got so annoyed that he decided to launch his own product to tackle the difficulties associated with flossing. Called the Wingbrush, this new interdental brush easily docks on interdental space to swiftly clean the plague and other debris jammed between the teeth.

Wingbrush interdental cleaningThe Wingbrush is a patented product and as per Louis makes interdental cleaning painless and effortless. It is even fun according to people who have used it.

Started in 2017 as a crowdfunded campaign on Kickstarter, it was extremely successful and raced past it’s target and raised over $55K. At present, the Kickstarter campaign sits at $105K with 3.5K backers, and 40 hours to go.

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After a super-successful 2017 crowdfunding campaign, the startup is now rolling out version 2.0, complete with 3 brush sizes, improved tension, a longer handle to access those hard-to-reach areas, and coated wire that’s gentle on gums.

The International Journal of Hygiene has published the company’s study at the University of Bonn on the effectiveness of Wingbrush, The study showed that test subjects reached more interdental spaces with Wingbrush than with a competing interdental brush. Regarding subjective comfort, participants also favored Wingbrush.

Wingbrush interdental cleaningIn the study, two brushes were used, a conventional brush of Friscodent (HB) and a Wingbrush (NB). The age of the participants ranged from 35 to 50, with an average of 25 teeth. 748 out of a total of 934 interdental spaces were reached with the Wingbrush. This is equivalent to an average of 80% for the Wingbrush and 64% for Friscodent. Reachability was significantly less using latter. Furthermore, 25 of 40 testers (62.5%) stated that the traditional cleaning kit caused pain, while only 15% of the testers experienced discomfort while using the Wingbrush.

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So there you have it folks, the Wingbrush. We’ll be further covering this new brush in detail once we get to use it. It sure does look promising though, especially if you have weak or sensitive gums, that make flossing hard/painful. I’m also one of those people who could never get used to flossing, so I’m really psyched to see how good the Wingbrush really is.

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