Microsoft may no longer consider Windows to be its core business anymore. But the dominance of Windows in the operating system market is still intact. Some statistics published by NetMarketShare backs this fact and shows that Windows has managed to improve its market share, yet again. Plus Microsoft’s main rivals including Apple with their macOS declined last month, yet again.

The data also highlights the fact, that Windows is clearly the number one choice for the consumers and the competition doesn’t really stand a chance in this battle yet. With Windows 10 being released on ARM devices, it also has plans to launch affordable devices in emerging countries.



According to NetMarketShare, Microsoft was able to once again increase the market share of its Windows operating system, with an increase in share by 1.36% in just a month. Windows share hiked from 87.44% to 88.80%. The same period also saw a decline in share of Apple’s macOS, which fell from 10.09% to 9.01%, and Linux, which slumped from 2.10% to 1.84%.

It seems like more and more users are migrating from Apple’s macOS and Linux for Microsoft’s Windows. Windows is still the leader in the operating system market and with Microsoft preparing another major Windows 10 release, things are only going to improve.

The declining macOS is still considered by many customers to be a potential alternative to Windows. Microsoft is trying real hard to make Windows 10 available to students and the affordable Always Connected PCs that they’ve made with Qualcomm are certainly going to prove beneficial for them.

Linux is considered to be another alternative to Windows, but it’s still miles behind and just isn’t a real threat to Windows yet.


Going by the data, it’s safe to say that Microsoft will continue to be the leader in the desktop operating market and we can’t see anyone replacing it anytime soon. Although the leader in desktop operating system, Microsoft still lacks a mobile operating system which is the biggest shortcoming for its Windows business.

The Windows 10 Spring Creators Update is to arrive in April and is expected to further assist Microsoft in a market it already dominates. While the release dates aren’t officially announced, it is estimated to be released by mid of April.

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