Will the Poco F2 Live Up to the Standards Set by the F1?

The Poco was a sub-brand launched by Xiaomi which brings flagship-level performance at a mid-range price point. The first phone that was launched under the Poco banner was the Poco F1 which was a hit among everyone.

Xiaomi poco f2

So it naturally invites the question of whether it’s true successor lives up to its name. The price-to-performance of the Poco F1 was through the roof as it sported the flagship internals including the Snapdragon 845 and 6 or 8 gigs of RAM. But the difference was the unbelievably low price which put other flagships to shame.

A twist in the tale

It might initially seem like a disappointment owing to its higher than expected price. But with the sudden release of a device in a line-up that hasn’t seen an entry since Mi 5 in India. The Mi 10 cranks up the price even higher to Rs. 49,999. Which makes it the first premium flagship from Xiaomi.

Mi 10

Xiaomi might have a trick up its sleeve with the announcement of the Mi 10 with its exorbitant price. This essentially makes the Poco F2 seem like a reasonably priced device. Which might be their plan all along!

It is important to note that the Poco F2 doesn’t have an official announcement for an Indian release yet. But it is doubtful that Xiaomi would let their only high-end smartphone cost 50k. They will probably release the Poco F2 or even the K30 Pro at a much lower price, preferably around the 30k mark.

Redmi K30 pro

Maybe lighting doesn’t strike twice after all. The Poco F1 was the perfect storm, from the cheaper flagship SoC to the bare-bones build of the phone itself allowed it to be priced as low as it did. This obviously couldn’t be replicated now with the significant rise in SoC prices by Qualcomm and more demanding fans.

Does this mean that the Poco F2 will be a disappointment? One has to wait and see until Xiaomi official reveals Indian prices. But it’s highly unlikely that it can beat the value of Poco F1 though.

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