Why Razer’s Project Linda is better than the Samsung DeX


    CES 2018 was amazing with great tech being showcased all around. Among all of the other stuff, what caught my eye was Project Linda by Razer. This is a concept that had existed from a long time and popped up in different form factors, but this is the first time that the integration of a smartphone with a full fledged notebook has been done so well. Now you must remember that this is a concept. But what is the nearest, best thing to Linda that you could get right now? You might have thought of the Samsung DeX, but here are a few reasons why Linda, as a product is far better and adds to your swag points.

    1. Portability

    This sounds stupid, doesn’t it? How is a dock the size of a laptop more portable than a dock? In truth, when you consider a device that is supposed to convert your phone into a proper workstation, you need to consider the peripherals you get with it too. While the Linda is a complete package with an external battery, screen and a keyboard, you need a separate keyboard and monitor to hook up to the DeX. +1 for Project Linda!

    2. Overall need for peripherals

    Linda is an all in one with an attached keyboard, a Quad HD screen, a battery pack, and an extra 200GB of onboard storage. The DeX however, is just a dock  with a cable and a few ports. You have to plug it into a monitor and have to attach a keyboard and mouse to use it properly. Kind of a bummer if you’re a student or someone who travels often.

    3. Sex Appeal

    Ok, now imagine this – you’re at a coffee shop and you’re getting work done on your sleek Razer laptop. Work’s over and so is your coffee and you have to leave. You just push a button on your keyboard and remove the track-pad from your laptop which is in fact your phone. If that isn’t a conversation starter then i don’t know what is! Coming back to DeX, you probably can’t use it at a coffee shop unless you’re a maniac who carries a full size monitor, keyboard and mouse around with you.

    Razer Project Linda

    While the Project Linda is just a prototype, it is a step forward in making cooler, more functional tech, especially interconnected tech. I can’t wait for it to be a reality, but until then, I probably will be sticking to my manic obsession of carrying my monitor, keyboard and mouse around just to use with my Samsung DeX.

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