Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is EA’s Last Attempt To Resurrect The Franchise

    EA might have to say goodbye to Star Wars if this doesn't work.

    Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order
    Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

    Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is releasing in a couple of days, and it’s going to mark a significant shift in perspective for EA. Being developed by Respawn Entertainment (the genius behind Apex Legends), Jedi: Fallen Order has been shrouded in mystery ever since it was announced. Sure, we’ve seen a bunch of gameplay but even then EA hasn’t exactly given it the marketing push that it deserves. I mean, a single-player Star Wars game with a Metroidvania style and Dark Souls inspired combat? More of that, please!

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    Star Wars as a license has seen a lot of ups and downs throughout the years. Whether we’re talking about the movies or the games, it’s clear to see just how much of a dedicated fanbase the franchise has. And while the movies, for the most part, have been well received by critics and audiences alike, the games are a different story. Just a few short years ago, we had the infamous Battlefront II debacle. That’s where the gaming industry, and EA at the forefront, took a dark turn regarding microtransactions. Sure, the game has since been corrected to get rid of all of that, but the industry still remembers it.

    So when a new Star Wars game by the makers of Titanfall and Apex Legends was announced, everybody got their hopes up. Respawn Entertainment has never let their fans down, and with a big IP like Star Wars, how could they? But the problem is, with the lack of full-blown marketing that EA generally does for its other franchises, most people still have no clue about the game’s mechanics. It’s almost as if EA themselves don’t want to publish this game, but they have to. With the game being single-player exclusive, it goes against EA’s core beliefs in principle alone.

    Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

    Jedi: Fallen Order marks a big shift in the way gamers will perceive the sci-fi franchise. Whether EA uses that to their advantage remains to be seen. Stay tuned for our review of the game, which will come late as we’ll get our review copy after the game’s launch tomorrow.

    The game launches on November 15 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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