Where is the Google Pixel 4a? Here’s Everything We Know About It


    The Google Pixel 4a should’ve come out by now if we look at 2019 trends, but why haven’t we heard anything yet?

    The Pixel 4a was launched as a mid-range phone that completely changed our perception of what mid-range phones can be with it’s photography capabilities. A mid-range phone that could compete with the likes of Apple’s iPhone and even beat it (back then), was crazy and unfathomable.

    Last year’s Pixel 3a was a relatively strong performer for Google in terms of sales between the Pixel 3 and the Pixel 4 (do we even remember them?). So why hasn’t Google released the Pixel 4a yet?

    The rumours are heating up about the Pixel 4a especially after the Beta of Android 11 being announced. Here’s what we know so far about the newxt affordable Pixel.

    Pricing: Still at the $399 mark?

    The Google Pixel 4a could follow last year’s trend and be priced at $399 like last year’s Pixel 3a. The probability that the pricing remains constant is higher this year given that Apple has positioned a direct competitor to Google’s affordable line with the iPhone SE. Apart from that, given that the phone is meant to be a budget phone, the $399 price makes most sense to companies that make premium devices.

    Google Pixel 4a with Android 10 or 11?

    Android 11

    The Pixel 3a came with Android 9 out of the box and was updated to Android 10 shortly after. We could see the same happen with the Pixel 4a considering the fact that the beta of Android 11 is out right now and if the phone were to release in June or July, the timeline would be too short for a fully functioning stable version of the OS to be on the Pixel.

    Design: Will the headphone jack make a comeback?

    Google Pixel 4a render showing hole-punch camera and headphone jack

    According to renders from 91Mobiles, the Pixel 4a might have a hole-punch camera on the front and a headphone jack, which is super rare in 2020! I am on the fence about the possibility of a headphone jack on the Google Pixel 4a given that Google has shifted from using it on their phones and most other companies have too, but since the Pixel 3a did have it, it is a possibilty that the next gen would also carry it on.

    Google Pixel 4a

    The hole-punch design is something teased by leaker Evan Blass, sharing a picture of a billboard advertisement for the Pixel 4a. I wouldn’t be surprised with this feature as most phones nowadays have it.

    The Cameras!

    Google’s affordable range of Pixel was hyped up as the affordable phone to get if you want the great Pixel camera experience but do not want to shell out a premium. The Pixel 4a is supposed to follow suit with the same dual camera set-up as the Pixel 4. We might see two rear cameras, a 12.2-megapixel standard camera and a 16-megapixel telephoto lens as well as an 8-megapixel front-facing camera. But there is a good chance that Google will mix it up, as the older 3a did not have the Pixel 3’s wide-angle camera on the front, but it did debut a time-lapse mode first amongst all Pixel devices.

    5G connectivity on the mid-range Pixel

    Google did not announce anything regarding 5G when they launched the Pixel 4 and 4XL and hasn’t talked about any 5G plans hence. It’s safe to assume that the Google Pixel 4a would not be the most future proof phone given the midrange specs and lack of 5G but tables may turn thanks to Snapdragon. The Snapdragon 765 is a mid-range processor that enable 5G connectivity and there are some cheaper phones out there that do utilize this capability. It would be a welcome feature if the Google Pixel 4a does have it, but lack of 5G shouldn’t be a big deal either.

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